Flying you go butterfly. Poem with rhyme for children

Butterflies are one of the favorite insects of children, their colorful wings and the beauty of their flight make them be fascinated by them. If your kids love them, they will like this one too rhyming poem for children: Flying you go butterfly.

Do not stop reading poetry with your children, it is a great way not only to stimulate the pleasure of reading, but also to learn about emotions and feelings, learn vocabulary and stimulate memory.

Flying you go butterfly

looking for where to pose,

the flowers open their petals

so I can hug you.

They stretch its green stem

longing to be chosen,

and if the chosen one is another,

they would be dejected.

But you have passed by

because they are all so beautiful,

that for not hurting any,

you have flown to a star.

You can recite this poetry to your children or you can even help them memorize it since, without knowing it, they will be working on various areas of learning. A great rhyming poem for children about a butterfly that they will love, it is a beautiful, very tender poetry.

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