Second pregnancy: how to explain it to your child?

Second pregnancy: how to explain it to your child?

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Helping your first child adjust to the arrival of a new baby brother is essential. All children do not react the same to the second pregnancy and it is recommended that you live with enthusiasm this new situation.

Some show emotion and joy, others anger and insecurity and, in general, the different moods range from happiness to displeasure.

Sometimes the child's response to the news is not clear to the understanding of adults. It may be difficult for him to say what he feels, and you may notice regressions in their behavior, searching draw attention with their behavior. He may go back to his baby stage and pee, not want to eat alone, claim his pacifier or bottle again.

Being the oldest and behaving like one is not achieved overnight. It is the result of a maturation process and acceptance of the new situation. Tantrums, insecurities and jealousy can arise in the path of change. Helping and supporting your first child is the best way for him to enjoy his new role as an older brother.

The age difference between the two siblings is significant when it comes to addressing the strategies to follow to explain the arrival of a new baby brother to the family to the elder. The less time they take between them, the easier it is. The oldest assumes the presence of the new member of the family as something natural. From the age of 2 or 3, parents must do more to avoid ups and downs in their emotional stability. These tips will help you:

- Involve your child in everything related to the baby. It will help him to ask his opinion on how to decorate his brother's room or the choice of his clothes. If you are sharing a room, let him make decisions so that he feels more comfortable.

- Look for a welcome gift. The welcome gifts must be reciprocal, that is, there must be one from the eldest son to the baby and another from the baby to his brother. In this way, he will feel that the attention of others is also directed towards him.

- Talk about the things a baby does. Tell him how babies behave: they cry, sleep a lot, don't talk and need a diaper change. That way, you can better understand your little brother's behavior and he'll enjoy feeling older.

- Make time to spend with him. Your older child should not find too much difference between the time you spend with him now during pregnancy and the time you will spend later. The lack of attention is what they accuse the most. Make sure there is plenty of time and love for him after the birth.

- Make me see the situation from the outside. Talking about friends who already have siblings and reading stories that represent stories about the arrival of a baby brother will help your child understand the changes he is going through.

- Reinforce the role of your older child in the family. Expand your powers and responsibilities. It is beneficial that you feel proud of doing things well and alone. So, then he can teach his brother, just like his parents do with him.

The first years of a child's life are a constant development of stages and goals that are being achieved. The rhythm of each child is different And when an important event, such as the arrival of a baby brother, makes an appearance in your life, it may be better to postpone one of these planned goals. Some of these important changes, which can be postponed a bit, are usually the change from the bottle to the glass, the removal of the diaper or the enrollment in an early childhood education center.

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