Why children don't want to be like their parents

Reading an interview with Sergi López, actor of the film The Pan's Labyrinth, in which he said that his son would like to be a footballer, and his daughter take care of children or be an actress, made me think that the affinities and interests of boys and girls have changed little in recent years. Until she was ten years old, my daughter always told us that she wanted to be a teacher. Now, she wants to be an actress. Well, it still has.

The latest survey carried out by the Adecco Foundation with children in Spain, in which 2,000 Spanish boys and girls between 4 and 16 years of age were interviewed, shows that the profession of soccer player for children regains its leadership as the most desired , after police. In third place, there is the profession of teacher and in fourth place children want to be 'youtubers', a profession that has emerged in recent years and that attracts more followers every day. Among children, they follow the professions of firefighter, computer scientist, engineer, veterinarian, doctor and actor.

According to a survey, the choice of girls is clearer and more evident. Most choose to be a teacher, while the rest, in order of interest, want to be doctors, veterinarians, hairdressers, and singers. The other professions that most attract girls are those of an actress, nurse, police officer, photographer, and fashion designer.

Despite the difference in professions between boys and girls, together they agree on what they do not want to be tomorrow. For another year, both sexes say they do not want to be politicians, followed by those who do not want to be street sweepers. In the third place there are already differences because the girls do not want to be 'anything other than the profession chosen to dedicate themselves to it', or doctors or firefighters, while boys discard to dedicate themselves to medicine, or to another profession that is not the one that they would like to be a teacher.

What most caught my attention from the survey is that more than 50 percent of the boys and girls said that they do not want to be like their parents, although they agree that the destination of their income is the family.

Other than that, there are curious details in the survey results. Most of the children interviewed acknowledge that housework is still mainly the responsibility of mothers, while girls affirm that 44% of the same father and mother work at home.

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