Tirita conquers her fears. Modern fable for children

Fear is an irrational but very common act among children.

The darkness, the loud noises, the storms... there are many fears that hide behind the minds of children.

Through the modern fableTirita conquers her fears, children can learn that there is nothing better than facing them to make them disappear.

To the little rat, Tirita gave fear the dark. She was sure that at night the ghosts hid under her bed. For this reason, he rested badly and in teacher Lechuza's class he often yawned and sometimes fell asleep.

Furthermore, Tirita was afraid to cross the forest, because she imagined that the branches of the trees were arms of monsters, their hollows the mouths and their roots that came out above the earth, some horrible feet.

The problem was that he couldn't go up the hill either, because there was a hissing sound, which made him think that a giant snake it could attack him at any moment.

In the end, she had to go for such a long drive that she was late for school and late home.

The teacher Lechuza saw the problems that Tirita caused her fears and asked her classmates for help.

The Roqui turtle, suggested:

- Do not think that you have to cross the forest, notice that behind is my house. If you walk towards her thinking how much fun we had together, you will surely forget your fears.

Tirita wrote it down in her notebook.

Later, Galileo, the wise donkey, commented:

- All your fears have a logical explanation: darkness is only absence of light. When turning off the room, no ghost appears because ... they don't exist! In the forest, what scares you are only old logs and on the hill the hiss you hear is not that of a giant snake, it is simply the wind.

Trampoline, the little toad also said:

- You must not border the grove, you must cross it decisively repeating that you are a brave little mouse. You don't have to avoid the hill, you have to walk up it and if you hear a whistle, start whistling louder, so you will win over your fear.

The teacher Owl added that if Tirita managed to listen to her friends, she would surely rest better, she would not sleep in her class, she would save time on the roads and she would feel better about herself.

Tirita was overcoming her fears one by one and discovered that:

Your fears become small when you face them.

To find out if your child has had a good reading comprehension and has understood this fable, you can make these simple questions. Reading comprehension is one of the main pillars for the child to discover the love of reading.

- What was Tirita afraid of?

- Why do you think he was afraid?

- How did your friends help you?

- Do you think there was really reason to be afraid?

- Why should Tirita conquer her fears?

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