The Apple of discord. Short stories for kids

The Apple of discord. Short stories for kids

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Greek mythology contains the foundations of Western culture. In Guiainfantil.comwe are adapting mythological legends into short stories for children so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

This time we tell the legend of the Golden Apple. A golden apple destined for the most beautiful goddess, which generated a great discussion among the goddesses and which was also the original reason that caused the famous Trojan War.

The wedding of the nymph Tetis and the mortal Peleus were celebrated with a celebration to which all the gods were invited. Everyone? No. When making the guest list someone forgot Eris, the goddess of discord. Although the evil tongues say that they did not forget to invite her, but that they did not want her at the wedding banquet so that she would not provoke any discussion.

The idea of ​​not inviting Eris it was not very good because, invited or not, she was willing to generate conflict. Offended because she had not been invited to the wedding, when all the gods were enjoying the meal, she threw a golden apple on the banquet table on which she put: 'for the most beautiful'. The golden apple went around three goddesses, Athena, Aphrodite Y Hera. Each one of them wanted that apple because each one believed herself to be the most beautiful.

That situation smelled of discussion and Zeus she escaped from making the decision of who the apple belonged to, which was the same as deciding which of the three goddesses was the most beautiful. So he passed the hot potato to a mortal, to Paris alexander, prince of Troy who was on Mount Ida taking care of his sheep. And there the three goddesses were planted in front of Paris Alexander to resolve the issue.

- Who do you think this apple belongs to? - asked the three goddesses at the same time.

Paris Alejandro read that on the golden apple it said: 'for the most beautiful' and he knew he was in trouble. But there was no way to get away and he had to make a decision. The three goddesses helped him make up his mind with some juicy promises.

- If you choose me - he said Hera, who was the most powerful mother goddess - I will make you the richest and most powerful man.

- If you choose me - Athena, who was the goddess of war and wisdom, told him - I will make you conquer many kingdoms and you will have great intelligence.

- If you choose me - he said Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love - you will have the most beautiful woman in the world.

Not that Paris Alexander had any doubts about which of the three goddesses was the most beautiful, because everyone knows that there is no goddess more beautiful than Aphrodite. But she was afraid of angering the other two goddesses if she didn't choose them. What a problem, because I could only choose one.

Finally Paris Alejandro decided to bet on being honest and choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful because that was what he really thought. And with the truth you always get everywhere. If in addition the beautiful Helena, daughter of Zeus, who was the most beautiful woman in the world. What more could I ask for?

So Paris Alexander gave the golden apple to Aphrodite and the goddess fulfilled her promise by preparing the meeting between Paris and Helena who instantly fell in love with Paris. They both went to Troy and got married.

In the meantime, Athena Y Hera, Dissatisfied with Paris's decision, they couldn't be more angry and told her that it wasn't going to stay that way. They visited Eris and, with her help, organized an all-Greek war against Troy. They say that the well-known Trojan War was caused by a woman, due to an argument and by a simple apple. But that's another story...

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