The surprising oil test to know if you are pregnant

We know that the most reliable test to detect pregnancy is the doctor's confirmation. And that the pregnancy test that measures the presence of chorionic gonadotropin (hGC or pregnancy hormone) thanks to a reactive absorbent strip is also quite reliable.

However, there are also a number of home tests (not so reliable) that can make you suspect a possible pregnancy. Among them is the surprising oil test to know if you are pregnant. You want to try? We explain how to do it.

To take this home pregnancy test, so popular with grandmothers, you just need a little olive oil or baby oil and your own urine. The steps to follow are very easy. Pay attention:

1. Use a glass or glass container to collect some of your first-morning urine in it.

2. Let the urine sit and cool for at least an hour.

3. With the help of a dropper (sterilized), pour two drops of oil into the urine container. The drops should be separated, one at each end of the glass.

4. If after 2-3 minutes you discover that the two drops of oil have joined, it will be a sign that you are expecting a baby. If, on the other hand, the drops of oil remain in place and have not coalesced, your suspicions may only be due to a simple delay in your period.

The home oil pregnancy test is very old. In fact, it is one of the most popular among grandmothers. Although there is no scientific proof of its reliability, women who have tried it say that it can be reliable in 70% of cases.

Apart from this test or home pregnancy test, there are other well-known ones. For example, you can try the soap test, for which you will only need a bar of soap to wash your clothes and your own urine, or the homemade chlorine pregnancy test, for which you will need your urine and a little chlorine.

If you also confirm the pregnancy and you want to know if the baby you are expecting is a boy or a girlYou can try to find out with the famous Chinese table, although remember that the definitive and most reliable confirmation will always come through an ultrasound.

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