What to do about children's bruises and bruises

There are children, like my brother, they are true collectors of bruises, bumps and bumps. When I was little, I had them all over my body, on the head, on the knees, elbows, shoulders ... My mother became, in a short time, a true expert in treating bruises and bruises. What remedy?

Here are a series of tips, learned during that stage, on what to do with children's bruises and bruises. I hope they are useful to you too.

There are children who seem to have just come out of an adventure, shooting or horror movie. We are all always prone to suffering any blow, be it from a fall or an injury. Babies, especially when they start to stand up, crawl, or take their first steps, They are very prone to falls and consequently to present bruises or bumps.

Although many bruises do not hurt and heal on their own, they deserve care, especially if it is accompanied by an incision in the skin or wound. A bruise is painful when it is usually red in color. When it changes to a more purplish or blue color, it begins to be less painful, and when it is healing it turns yellow or green. In the event that the baby or child only presents bruises (without wounds), the swelling can be alleviated and reduced, and inflammation avoided, with some tips:

1- The first, apply compresses or an ice pack to the scene of the blow. You can also use a package of some frozen product, for periods of 10 to 15 minutes, to reduce the pain and inflammation of the bruise. For a baby, it is best to roll an ice cube in a cloth or towel before putting it in contact with their skin. To distract him, nothing better than to tell him a story or sing him the song that he likes the most. Recite the rhyme 'Sana sanita, frog tail, if it is not cured today, it will be cured tomorrow', it wouldn't be bad at the moment.

2- After applying ice to the bruise, if the blow continues to bother the child, you can apply an ointment with anti-inflammatory properties, to alleviate the pain.

3- The day after the blow, can be applied to the affected area, hot packs to help dilate blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation in the premises.

4- Apart from all that, some home remedies are also known to relieve bruises such as: application of apple cider vinegar, raw egg or arnica leaves.

5- It is very important that parents do not magnify the discomfort of their children for the blow they have suffered. Children need to feel safe and secure when they fall or slip and are hit. Parents should focus on healing and passing safety on to their children. There is nothing that cannot be cured with a good dose of affection, hugs and kisses.

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