You were expecting a girl and it's a boy, disappointed?

There are those who, from their earliest childhood, are very clear that when they grow up they will have a girl, indeed, they may even have the chosen name. These expectations or desires that we generate accumulate and, at times, are so strong that if, when the time comes, not a girl is born, but a boy, it is a huge frustration and even an upset.

As much as we say "as long as he comes healthy, whatever it is", there are those who do not dare to confess that they feel disappointed because they expected a girl and it is a boy. How to deal with these emotions?

If you want to know the sex of the baby during pregnancy, you will have to wait until week 12 of pregnancy, since until then the genital organs are not fully appreciated. Even if in that ultrasound the baby is calm and cannot be seen well, you could have to wait until ultrasound at week 20 of pregnancy. That is the one that does not give rise to doubts, in general, because there has always been some surprise.

Those 12 or 20 weeks can be endless until you know the sex of the baby, especially if you are one of those who does not like intrigues. But also, if when the desired moment finally arrives, the ultrasound machine pronounces what you never wanted to hear: "it's a boy." That's when you stop listening to anything else, all your dreams of playing food, making pigtails and buying flowery dresses disappear in one fell swoop; and his smile is frozen.

Don't worry, you are not the first, nor the only one. There are many mothers who are disappointed in knowing the sex of the baby, they may even feel angry and disappointed. And those negative emotions also make them feel bad because the disappointment is centered in the being that grows inside, in the future baby. What to do before this avalanche of emotions?

- Do not get carried away by the feeling of guilt: and much less because of the opinions of other mothers who tell you that having a child, whatever sex, is the best thing in the world. You already know that. First of all, in pregnancy, hormones make emotions or feelings feel much more intense. We can go from joy to sadness in less than a second. And, if your whole life you have wanted a girl and a boy comes, it is normal that you feel disappointed. This does not mean that you will love him as you have never loved anyone.

- Do not cancel the emotions: If you are sad or disappointed, do not try to cancel it. Talk to your partner about how you feel and bring out your fears. Sometimes many women think that they will not be good mothers of children since they will not know how to play or talk with them. You will be a good mother whenever you want to be and your child will enjoy and learn with you.

- Let time pass: It is normal for you to continue to feel disappointed for a few days, but as your pregnancy progresses, you will feel the excitement of meeting your baby again. You will get excited buying clothes, even if they are not dresses, feeling him inside your belly will awaken again that illusion that you think you have lost.

- When a few years go by and you have your little one running and laughing around your house, it may cross your mind that you also wanted to have a girl but, you will no longer be able to consider life without him and it will have filled so many gaps that your male child will be your greatest illusion.

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