The little mouse in the snow. Children's poems about kindness

The little mouse in the snow is a beautiful poem by Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a that transmits an important lesson to children. Is about a children's poem that teaches children to be kind and supportive of others.

We have to teach children that they are to give other children their help if it is in their power, they will not only feel better about themselves but they will also be laying the foundations of the value of kindness in others. A rhyming children's poem, starring a little mouse, who talks about what help can mean to another.

We invite you to read with your child this beautiful children's poem about goodness. It is about a little mouse that, after a snowfall, cannot find the entrance to his house, he is so cold that he either receives help from someone or could be in serious trouble. Will you get it?

It snows in the garden

the ground is white,

look at a little mouse

with a very long tail.

Look for her little house

a mousetrap,

there heats up

until spring.

But he can't find it

and it's so cold,

poor little mouse

And he has no coat!

To heat up

take a run,

suddenly find

a road.

Walking for her

a little boy walks,

and when he saw it

he put it in his pocket.

Saved his life

giving it heat,

and when I get home

released the mouse.

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