How are the tests to measure the intelligence quotient of children

How are the tests to measure the intelligence quotient of children

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If you suspect that your child may be gifted or gifted, there are some tests or test that can help you check it. But are these tests reliable? And if it is positive, what benefits or harms does being a child with high capacities have?

We tell you what the tests to measure IQ of children and we answer some of the most common questions of parents with gifted children.

Despite the multiple alternatives that exist, the vast majority of evaluations of determination of I.Q They are done with 2 or 3 specific tests.

1- WISC(Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)

It consists of a series of tests whose value is very significant at a global level, however, using it incorrectly with a child can lead to misinterpretation of the data.

2- Kaufman's Brief Intelligence Test

It is a shorter and less detailed test, but with a more universal utility than the previous one.

But watch out for the test results. Whenever any type of test is carried out to assess intelligence, we must be clear about what the starting situation of the child being evaluated.

The existence of intrinsic factors such as visual problems or hearing, learning disorders such as dyslexia or the presence of attention deficit for example, they may cause draft interference to test performance.

If this has not been previously determined or is not taken into consideration when interpreting the data obtained, we may find inconsistent results or directly wrong.

It is not uncommon to find children in the office who have been classified as "retarded" when the reason for the failures in the tests was ADHD. Similarly, a child with ADHD and High Abilities they usually present results within normality in the diagnostic tests for both conditions.

For all this, it is essential to bear in mind that we cannot act as mere technicians who perform tests and put a figure in the result. Must interpret those results depending on the characteristics of the person who has obtained them.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have clinical and care experience. In other words, working caring for patients and training in this way with professionals who know how to correctly assess these types of procedures.

It is fair to acknowledge that most gifted children have perfectly normal cognitive, academic, social, and personal development. In this situation, personal capabilities can enable them to lead a full life with a Level of learning, optimal job development and skills.

On the contrary, there are approximately 30% of these children, who associate difficulties. These problems can be due to multiple causes, but the most significant from the point of view of my specialty are the association of TDAH, Dyslexia o Asperger's syndrome.

No, only those that associate a problem independent of the ICA. The great conflict is being able to detect that problem correctly. Look at this example.

In recent years, we have cared for thousands of children in our center with learning, behavior, maturation or development problems. We often come across a very characteristic profile that I want to present to you.

Is about adolescent children, around 13-14 years. The family comes because they are boys who have always done well in school despite hardly trying. Their learning ability in the first years has been very good and they have stood out for their precocity.

Despite this, as they have progressed through the course, the academic results have been decreasing. Many have begun to fail subjects in the last years of primary school or beginning of secondary school. This has led to a high level of demotivation and appearance of problems anxiety.

Most of these families have consulted with the teachers and counselors of their schools concerned about the situation of their children. Either they have not paid attention to them or if they have done tests, the results have always been normal.

When they have reached us, we see the situation clear. It already sounds so much to me that I do not doubt. Despite this, I do the tests and the results prove me right. They are boys with ACI and ADHD. The results were false negatives. These kids are able to do tests normally but are not able to cope with the demands of real life.

The tests are but one approach, the really important thing is to know the problems, treat the people and understand their needs. Only then can you give them the solutions that each one needs.

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