The value of tolerance against bullying

The value of tolerance against bullying

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The differences are not bad. What's more, they are a great value. Nobody is less for being different and nobody deserves to be rejected for being different. It is the message that a campaign of Unicef ​​Chile against bullying or bullying.

The protagonist of the story is an extraterrestrial child. It may seem strange to see a child with a lizard face star in such a story. But the metaphor goes beyond its reptilian aspect. Maybe bullied children at school feel like this, aliens in the middle of a world to which it seems they are not invited. From here, the story leads us to realize the importance of the value of tolerance against bullying.

The little one looks different from the rest. That generates rejection among the school children from the first moment, that moment in which the teacher introduces him to the rest. His teammates decide not to give him a chance. They run away from him, they throw papers at him, they spit on him, they despise him ... Nobody wants to sit next to the new child. And they make a great void. As it happens in real life, in which children who are victims of bullying live a real nightmare. They feel fear, pain, and constant rejection. They live threats and blackmail. And they usually suffer it alone.

However, far from closing himself in his world, and letting fear and sadness take over, the little one decides to use his differences to make others see that he can be useful. That their differences can be great virtues, not only for him, but for everyone else.

This is, without doubt, the great message that Unicef try to convey: no one should be rejected for being different. Before, you have to give it a try. And always, always, be tolerant with differences.

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