How and where to fly a kite with children

In seventeenth-century Europe, children were already playing with kites to which they added strings to make them sound. The kite flying It is a practice that has been used for approximately 2,000 years. Its usefulness changed over time. There was a time when the kite was used for purposes scientists.

Benjamin Franklin, discoverer of the electricity, demonstrated through the kite that there was electricity in the clouds during a storm. Other cultures used kites to celebrate some celebrations. In today's society, the kite is just a toy for children, especially used to enjoy spring.

Flying a kite with children is a very fun activity, but you have to know how and where to fly the kites, as well as follow certain safety rules.

Before riding a kite it is very important to talk with children abouthow and where to fly a kite. It is necessary to take into account some rules:

1- You should never fly a kite near poles and lines of electricity.

2- It is not recommended to use materials or metal laces on the kite. That could attract electricity.

3- Use fishing line to fly the kite.

4- Do not use the kite in the rain. The wet cord can attract electricity.

5- In the event that the kite gets trapped in a tree or pole, you should not try to rescue, since climbing to very high places is dangerous.

6- It is convenient to fly the kite in places where there are no people. A fall out of control the kite could cause discomfort to other people.

7- Do not fly the kite near roads or clues. It can distract the attention of drivers.

8- Fly the kite when the weather conditions are not stormy.

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