What is inclusive school for children

As we already know, there are no children who are the same and who develop at the same rate. Thus, when we talk about education in school we can find that there is no single type of student, but that each one has their own needs. This is what the inclusive school is about, it is about providing the necessary educational attention so that each student reaches their potential. Learn about the inclusive school for children.

Each student may have specific needs. These can be:

  • Special educational needs.
  • Specific learning difficulties.
  • High intellectual abilities.
  • Late incorporation into the educational system.
  • For personal conditions.
  • Or because of his own school history.

They all require a educational attention different from the ordinary one so that they can achieve the maximum possible development of their personal capacities in addition to the general objectives established for all students.

To achieve this, the so-called inclusive education appears whose purpose will be to provide educational attention that favors the maximum possible development of all students and the cohesion of all members of the community.

This educational community will be made up of all the people related to the center, that is to say: the students themselves, the teachers, the families, the psychologists, the pedagogues, the administration ... Being in charge of getting to know the way in which it is easier for the little ones to learn and keep them motivated.

Thus, together they will be able to educate students in a much more effective and satisfactory way, guaranteeing a quality education and equal opportunities for all children in the learning process.

The most important objective of the inclusive school is that all the children of a certain community develop their school stage in the same center and ordinary classroom, without being separated based on their personal, social or cultural conditions.

A total integration of all students is sought, even those with a learning disability or disorder. In order to make this happen naturally, without conflicts and successfully, the following characteristics will need to be met:

  • The inclusive school is governed by the “we”. Great importance is attached to the participation of all members of the community in school activities.
  • The curriculum, the way of evaluating, the way of promoting and the organization will have a flexible character taking into account the needs of each student.
  • The methodology used will be focused on the characteristics of the students and not on the content. This facilitates the diversification of teaching and the personalization of the student's experience in common learning.
  • A must be given attention to the diversity of capacities, rhythms and learning needs of students.
  • The standardization criterion is followed where all the little ones are offered a unique model and context.
  • There must be equal opportunities for everyone whatever their condition.

Inclusive education must meet the needs and expectations of students with and without needs. If you exceed the focus on minorities, you can reach the paradox that by unconsciously seeking inclusion you will find the opposite.

Therefore, to achieve a school that is inclusive, it will be important for everyone to follow certain guidelines:

  • Let there be dialogue and consensus of all members of the educational community.
  • The center is open to its environment by carrying out actions together with institutions, companies, cultural associations, etc.
  • Encourage the family involvement in the educational environment.
  • Create a climate of well-being among students, teachers and parents.
  • Prevent exclusion of students with needs and favoring their adaptation

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