The most beautiful biblical names for boys and girls

The most beautiful biblical names for boys and girls

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If you do not know what name to give your baby but you are clear that it must be a biblical name, on our site we have prepared this list of the most beautiful biblical names for boys and girls.

The names in the Bible are almost all names of Hebrew and Jewish origin. These are the most beautiful for children.

Jesus: is the most important and well-known biblical name. He was born in Bethlehem and with him Christianity began. For all Christians it represents God incarnate. The name Jesus is of Hebrew origin and means "the one who Yahweh is his salvation." It has multiple variants depending on the country in which it is used. For example: in Russian and Romanian it is called Lesus, in Aramaic it is used as Yeshua, in Italian Gesù, and in English Jesse.

Gabriel: it is one of the archangels, specifically the one who announces to the Virgin Mary that she is going to be the mother of Jesus. It is of Hebrew origin and comes from gabri, whose meaning is: "my protection is God" or "man of God". A lovely biblical name for boys, a name with strength and power.

Samuel: He was a prophet and judge of Israel and was responsible for making the transition from theocratic to the monarchical regime, choosing the one who was the first king of Israel, Saul. It comes from semuel which means "a name of God" or "God listens". It is also a very popular name today.

Miguel: he is another of the archangels of God, he is the protector of the Church and head of the armies of God in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions. It means 'no one like God' and is a perfect name for its simplicity and familiarity. We are facing one of the most frequent names that can be used alone or accompanied by another.

Israel: is the name given to the biblical patriarch Jacob upon his return from Mesopotamia. From then on, the people of Israel are known for being the descendants of Jacob. The meaning of this beautiful name is "he who fights with God."

Luke: is considered one of the authors of the Gospel, in this case the Gospel according to Saint Luke. It is the longest of the gospels and the best written by what is believed to be a very cultured person. Lucas is a beautiful name that means "luminous."

And for girls? These are the most beautiful biblical names for girls.

Mary: the name of Mary is of Hebrew origin, and means "the chosen one", "the one loved by God". It is the most popular Christian feminine name for being the name of the mother of Jesus. What's more, it can be used alone or accompanied by another name.

Raquel: It is a beautiful name with a very peculiar meaning: "sheep", however, it symbolizes purity in Hebrew. In the Bible, Rachel was the wife Jacob loved the most, a woman who at first could not have children, but who was ultimately blessed by God and had two children: Joseph and Benjamin.

Sara: In the biblical stories Sarah is the wife of Abraham, who gave him a son when he was almost 100 years old. It is a name with a long tradition but it is still very popular today. Its meaning is "princess" or "high ranking woman".

Elisabeth: You may think that this name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and, however, it already appears in the Bible so its origin is Hebrew. Elisabeth was the wife of Zacharias and mother of Saint John the Baptist. Its meaning is "she who is helped by God."

Judith: appears in the Bible as a brave and resourceful woman who managed to defeat the Babylonian army when they fought with the people of Israel. This beautiful name for girls is of Hebrew origin and refers to the tribe of Judah. Its meaning is "the praised."

Ruth: one of the books of the Bible bears her name, "The Book of Ruth", a courageous and determined woman. For her kindness to her mother-in-law she was blessed by God. And it is that Ruth is told that she refused to abandon her mother-in-law Naomi when both were widowed. A beautiful name that means "faithful companion"

There are many other beautiful names in the Bible for boys and girls, find many more on site.

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