The best jokes for children of 'How is it ...'

The best jokes for children of 'How is it ...'

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What is better than an afternoon of laughter and fun with the children! Not everything has to be homework, homework, extracurricular activities and other activities that fill the lives of our children.

Sometimes the ideal is to stop and just ... laugh! To laugh, nothing better than a good time of jokes. We invite you to spend a fun time with your family with the best jokes for children of 'How does he look like ...'

How is a boxer like a telescope?
They both make stars see.

How is a piano like a train?
In which the piano has a keyboard, and if the train doesn't have a keyboard it kills you

How is a cave like a refrigerator?
In which the cave has stalactites and stalagmites and the refrigerator has this tin of tuna, this tin of anchovies.

How are a dog, a cat and a drowning man alike?
In which the cat says Meow !, the dog Guao! and the man who is drowning Mii auguao!

How is a man who does not lie similar to 999?
In that they are both sincere.

How is a whale like a thug?
In which the whale is a sea animal and the thug the sea animal.

How is a cat and a shotgun alike?
In which both have triggers.

How is a wise man like a tightrope walker?
In which the wise man has brains and the tightrope walker has brains

How is a duck-legged pirate similar to a widowed duck.
In that both of them lack the leg

How are an actor and a truck alike?
In which the actor does theater and the truck theater-pella.

How are crabs and chickpeas alike?
In which crabs are mollusks and chickpeas are melus.

How an elephant is like a bed.
In which the elephant is a pachyderm and the bed pachyderms.

How is toilet paper like a bell?
In which the bell tinkles toll and the toilet paper tinkles.

How the sea is like a pipe hardware store
In that in both there are tubercles.

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