Modern names for boys

Modern names for boys

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Some parents prefer to choose traditional names for your children, because they are guaranteed by their popularity and familiarity. However, other parents opt for original names or modern names that follow the trends of the moment.

A modern name can bring a lot of personality to your child. That is why we have prepared a list of 10 current names, with charm and without falling into extravagance. Surely here you will find the best name for your baby.

1. Alain. It is a name of Gaelic origin whose meaning is related to joy, which is a declaration of intent for your child. It is a very modern name, with a sophisticated and very seductive touch.

2. Gael. The name is of Celtic origin and has a meaning that speaks of generosity. It is a very attractive name that is gaining popularity in recent years.

3. Izan. It is a modern and very particular name, as it is not associated with any specific origin or meaning. Most likely it is a variant of Ethan but, in any case, this is an attractive name full of mystery.

4. Eric. It is a name of Scandinavian origin with a meaning that refers to eternal power. It has a special strength as well as great charm and, despite being linked to the mythical Nordic tradition, it remains fully topical.

5. Bruno. It is a name of Germanic origin with a meaning that speaks of breastplate. It is a simple and forceful name with that modern twist of old names that have been long forgotten.

6. Darío. The name is of Persian origin and has a long tradition. If we find it in this list of modern names, it is because it has managed to reinvent itself over the generations until it is totally new. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your child.

7. Dylan. It is a name of Irish origin that means "son of the sea". It is a current and fresh name that is gaining in popularity. Furthermore, he has a special force that surrounds him and gives him personality.

8. Roman. The name has a Latin origin and in principle it is the name of Rome. Despite being an old name, nowadays it is modern and original since it has not been worn down by use.

9. Leo. It is one of those names with a curious origin. In principle, Leo was the diminutive of several traditional names, such as Leopoldo or Leonardo. But the strength of this hypocoristic was such that it became a name with its own entity.

10. Sacha. The name is of Russian origin and was originally the diminutive of Alexander. Over time, it was gaining popularity and strength until it became a proper name, with an appeal and charm like few others.

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