Accidents in the home: children's burns

Accidents in the home: children's burns

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Home is not always the safest place for children. The latest studies on the safety of children at home reveal that fires are the second leading cause of death among children under four years of age, being behind only traffic accidents.

Among the accidents caused by fire, burns in children is one of the most worrisome to parents. I remember that once, at home, my little brother suffered a major burn. My mother was ironing clothes when, turning around with the iron in her hand, she inadvertently brushed it against my brother's chest, causing a significant burn. Until today I remember that situation so distressing for my mother and so painful for my brother.

Apart from burns caused by the iron and other electrical appliances, the kitchen is a very dangerous "territory" for children. Children's curiosity has no limits and they want to do everything that grown-ups do, without weighing the consequences. For this reason it is very important to apply some safety measures to avoid burns in the smallest of the house:

- Prevent children play in the kitchen, open cabinets, manipulate appliances, etc.

- Avoid that the handles of the pans or pans protrude from the cooking plates.

- Use heat sources with thermostat to regulate the temperature according to needs.

- Avoid using gas stoves.

- Avoid using very hot water during children's baths.

- Attempt for the technical review of the appliances that provide heat and hot water.

- Protect and ensure that cables electrics are securely tied and hidden.

- Prevent children from playing with lighters and matches, or fireworks.

- Protect and cover electrical sockets with plastic plates to prevent little ones from inserting their fingers or any object.

- Avoid connecting several devices to the same socket. That can get kids' attention.

- Avoid taking electrical appliances to the bathroom.

Finally, remember that the times of the year when there is a higher incidence of domestic accidents are the Christmas holidays, along with Easter and summer holidays.

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