Homework: How to Survive Them!

Have you not thought that, even though we are no longer old enough to go to school, we still have schoolwork to attend to? Sometimes it complicates our existence a little more the fact that we must help our children day after day with their homework, and we wonder from what age we should teach them to take responsibility for their duties and when the time will come when they will put their obligations before their desires for fun and entertainment.

After a day of work, those of us who have school-age children know that not only is it enough to bathe them, make dinner or take them to the extracurricular activities that correspond to the day, but that, on many occasions, their schoolwork overflows us and upset the pending tasks we have at home and family care.

Many times we have to insist and even argue so that our children sit down to do their homework; we must monitor them so that don't waste time in front of the book, looking at the shrews or playing with the pencil, answering questions and supervising the finished product.

I do not deny the need to face our responsibility as educators of our children and to help them in their learning, but sometimes it is difficult to survive the demands of our children and their teachers. That that for tomorrow they need a red cardboard or colored wool for their crafts, and have to go to the nearest stationery (or far away) can end our patience and our limited time.

I think that, initially, children need our supervision, our encouragement and encouragement to do their homework, but at a certain age, from 7 or 8, they have to let go of our hand and assume their daily jobs naturally and like any other routine such as putting on pajamas, washing teeth or pee at night.

The ideal would be to get them to understand that they can always count on us when it comes to solving any doubt, but that they should be the ones who take charge of their schoolwork (although there are always cases that require more of our attention, for example, when there are learning difficulties or school failure).

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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