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Romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. A 38-year-old father is in the middle of a divorce. Their 10-year-old daughter Maya insists on hearing the story of how her parents met. Will decides to change the names and some of the related facts, thus creating a love mystery. Maya tries to guess which of the women will be her mother.

Family comedy starring Steve Martin. A mature man, but with a young spirit, does not quite accept that his 22-year-old daughter, for him still a child, is getting married. Although everyone believes that the boyfriend is a wonderful boy, he makes him his enemy for fear of losing his daughter forever.

Based on a true story and starring Pierce Brosnan. A father struggles to raise his three children alone in 1953 Ireland. He is devastated when the power of the Church and the Irish Courts take his children away from him and place them in orphanages. Vowing to reunite his family, he receives the help of his friends and together they try to do what has never been done: bring a law before the Supreme Court of Ireland.

Disney company animated comedy The relationship between Goofy and his son Max is a bit distant. Goofy will try to strengthen ties with Max, even though he is only interested in living his own life and winning the girl of his dreams. For this reason, Goofy decides to take Max fishing to Lake Destiny (Lake Destiny) in Idaho as his father did, and his father, and his father ... Max tries to dissuade him since he has made other plans, but is introduced into the car and the holidays begin.

Drama starring Denzel Washington. John Q. and his wife go to watch their son Michael play a baseball game, where 12-year-old Michael falls to the ground. Quickly, they take him to a hospital where they ask John to fill out a medical insurance form. The hospital reports that the boy has heart failure and needs a transplant. Performing the operation costs $ 250,000 and without that money it cannot be carried out. His health insurance doesn't cover that amount and in desperation, John kidnaps the hospital and several people.

The three Oscar-winning Italian film starring Roberto Benigni, an Italian Jew falls in love, marries and has a child. With the fascists in power, he, his uncle and his son Josué are deported to a Nazi concentration camp. There, in order to save the life of his five-year-old son, a game will be invented in which the one who manages to hide from the grumpy German guards will win. His father's imagination will make little Josué experience the holocaust in a different way.

Animated children's film based on the classic tale Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, a magic bubble escapes from the house of the Blue Fairy and enters through the chimney of the toy store of the kind Gepetto. The bubble gives life to a small log of firewood and it escapes from the fire. Now that no one has any money to buy his toys, Gepetto uses that same log to make a toy for himself: a cute puppet that comes to life once finished. Gepetto gives him the name Pinocchio and soon discovers that the puppet will give him many complications.

Comedy starring Adam Sandler. 32-year-old Sonny spends his day between a casual job, the bar and his friends. In order to surprise his girlfriend, he fraudulently adopts little Julian, a 5-year-old orphan. However, his plans do not go as expected and, in addition to being abandoned by his girlfriend, Sonny meets a child in his charge that he has to take care of ... alone !.

Based on a true story and starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, a family man struggles to survive after his wife leaves them. She is unsuccessful in her job and must take care of her young son. Then he starts looking for a new job to give his son a better life, but it will not be easy: they will be evicted from their house, he will not get paid at the end of the month and they will have to live outdoors for a while. But, he doesn't give up.

A version of the Hannah-Barbera classic starring John Goodman, Cliff Vandercueva, executive vice president of Industrial Procurement at Rajuela & Co., Plans to promote an employee to vice president of his division to mark him as a scapegoat for embezzlement. Pablo notices the deplorable examination that Pedro has made and decides to change it for his own without realizing it as a favor and Pedro is promoted. Vandercueva, after discovering that Vilma and Betty are going to expose their intentions, kidnaps Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. The children are trapped in the machines, and while Pablo tries to rescue them, Pedro thinks about how to destroy the machine. Pablo manages to rescue the children and Vandercueva ends up petrified in fresh cement.

Starring Robin Williams and winner of an Oscar for Best Actor and a Golden Globe, Daniel is a film dubber, is married, has three children and his marriage is not going well, although he maintains a close relationship with his children. His wife asks for a divorce and the judge dictates that the children remain in the custody of the mother. Daniel does not like the judge's decision, and taking advantage of the fact that his wife is looking for a housekeeper, he pretends to be a refined English housekeeper named Mrs. Doubtfire. Her wife hires her right away because of her great competence and excellent reports.

Comedy starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. Three single friends share an apartment in New York: Peter (architect), Michael (cartoonist) and Jack (actor). While Jack is filming a movie in Turkey, his companions receive a surprise: someone leaves a baby at their doorstep. The little girl is called Mary and she is Jack's daughter, although Jack doesn't know anything about it. Peter and Michael must take care of the baby and realize how difficult this task can be.

Animated children's comedy in 3D and 2D King Harold falls ill and before he dies he asks Shrek to be the new king, but he just wants to return to his swamp. Meanwhile, Fiona tells Shrek that she is pregnant. Shrek, shocked by the news, begins to have nightmares about his children, dreams of too many baby ogres, and although Ass talks to him about how good it is to be a father, Shrek worries that he is not a good father.

It won a Golden Globe for best picture. The soundtrack is by Elton John, Simba is a lion cub and successor to the throne, something that his uncle Scar does not like, who prepares a plan to occupy the throne. With the help of three evil hyenas, Scar concocts a ruse in which his brother and King Mufasa is killed. Simba believes it was his fault and decides to flee to the jungle. Following the chaos, his father's soul appears in the sky, telling him that he must remember who he is and where he comes from. Then go home immediately to claim the throne.

Winner of an Oscar in 2003 for the best animated film, Nemo is a small clown fish, the only child left to Marlin after a barracuda killed his partner and his other children. From this event, Marlin takes care of his son in a super protective way. Nemo rebels and goes on an adventure. Thus, he ends up in a dentist's fish tank, while his father goes looking for him.

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