What a baby can teach his dad

What a baby can teach his dad

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Isn't the hectic daily routine enough? Parents have to run all day to be able to keep up with a baby: run after him when he starts to walk, change diapers, put washing machines, clean snot, take him to daycare, go to the park, bathe him, prepare his purées ... Uff, it's tired just thinking about it.

Well, it seems that this is not enough, but also now babies make us do gymnastics with them. At least that's what an American dad does, whose funny video imitating the same exercises his baby does has been a hit on social media.

It's just a joke, but the truth is that parents are capable of doing more tasks together than we ever would have thought ... All for our children! And, removing the more routine and cumbersome tasks, some of them are really comforting and fun, especially those in which we become a bit childish.

That's what he did Michael Stansbury with his 6 month old daughter named Lilly Ann. This dad published a video on YouTube in which we can see how he lies next to his baby and imitates each of the girl's movements, as if they were doing a gymnastics table.

The video has already had more than 1.5 million views in a very short time. And, although the videos with exercise tables are very popular on the Internet, the success of this one is not exactly the exercises, but seeing how a father has fun, plays, makes jokes and entertains his little girl. Also, with this simple game in which looks like it's the little baby who runs the gym classYou are also encouraging your baby to control his head, exercise and strengthen his neck muscles, and gain balance.

The difficult task of educating our children often leads us to have to scold them, punish them or get very serious with them. But not everything should consist of this. Therefore, it is also important to dedicate moments of leisure and fun, where we can make our children laugh and have a good time.

And it is that, sometimes we forget that we were also children, therefore, nothing better than our children to teach us to play again, to laugh, to throw ourselves on the ground and to become uninhibited. NOr let's forget that children, not because they are small, cannot give us great lessons.

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