How Poor Diet Affects Children's Brains

Don't you think we have few ads for fresh fruits and vegetables for a better diet of our children? And yet we have all the possible ads for sugars, dairy, sweets, processed juices ... etc ...

Marketing floods the conscience of our children in a direction that we do not like, and yet there are few of us who do something to avoid it. We miss some statistical data such as that 1 in 3 children in Spain are overweight, or that 7% of children under 12 years of age in Spain are obese ... Those children will be sick adults with chronic diseases such as diabetes . Not to mention the repercussions on children's school performance. We explain how poor diet affects the brain of children.

I already know that we live in a society where spending time to buy and have a balanced meal involves our attention, but we will not get to this point, if we have not become aware before of the importance of using good food, so that our internal organs and those of our children are as healthy as possible.

Are 7 out of 10 teens who eat insufficient breakfast, and the quality of this diet is directly related to the average grade for the course, although this relationship is not proportional when the different subjects are analyzed. These are some of the ideas that emerge from a study coordinated by María Victorina Aguilar Vilas, Director of the Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Toxicology at the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid:

  • A tired or nutrient-deficient brain, it can lead them not to take an exam with all the concentration that is necessary. “The brain is a very sensitive organ that controls emotions, thinking, perception, moods, and behavior. It is completely dependent on the nutrients and energy supplied by your blood. The brain has a protective barrier that selectively transports nutrients and substances that are suitable for its function. If the nutrients are inadequate, it causes neurochemical imbalances, which cause alterations in thought, perception, emotions, or behaviors.- An excess of meat or proteins can lead to a more aggressive character in our children (and in us) ”Sandra Navó ( Health Coach)
  • Other studies suggest that those children who do not eat breakfast or whose breakfast is very light have a 68% increased risk of metabolic syndrome in adulthood.
  • Some pediatricians claim that hyperactivity or inattention it can be a cause of excess sweets or the abuse of “fast” foods. Other nutrition professionals are even beginning to claim that Sugar is a legal drug.

And what about physical activity? I wonder how our children can do the exercises in physical education classes with an unhealthy diet… What about children who come home with headaches? Or those who are always tired? Or those who do not get a good night's sleep?

Ah! Y the appearance of children with allergies or atopic demartitis or celiac disease? How many of the current parents have had any of these problems? and how many of our children do currently have it?

Some of the answers will be found in a healthy eating education. The basis of the food that our children eat from a young age will be the basis of their health and illnesses as adults. But not only this, it will also determine the character of our children and ours, on a day-to-day basis, since… “we are what we eat”.

And now ... Do you really still think that it is not worth spending time cooking and eating in a more conscious and healthy way?

To finish, I recommend keeping a diary of the foods our children eat to analyze the relationship with their behavior, especially, if you notice changes in behavior or mood.

Take advantage of the summer with the whole range of fresh fruits and vegetables that this fun season of the year offers us to start acquiring new healthy eating habits.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not eaten well" (Virginia Woolf).

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