Childish fears. Fears in children

Childish fears. Fears in children

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If your child suffers from any fear, it is very important to transmit calmness, security, confidence, and help him overcome them with love and understanding. In a general way, fears tend to appear between the ages of 3 and 6, when the child still does not understand the world around him and is not able to separate the real from the imaginary.

Some fears become detrimental to the development of the child, however there are others that teach him to be more cautious and careful. According to some researchers, fears appear and disappear, they change as the child grows older and is able to overcome them when he gradually recognizes reality. It must be taken into account that you cannot end all fears because they also allow the child to understand the world.

Many of these fears are induced by the external environment and others are based on negative experiences at home or away. The latter can serve as an alarm for parents to identify situations of mistreatment or abuse of their child.

One of the most common childhood fears is the fear of abandonment to remain alone in general, reflected in the first days of school or in the separation of parents. Fears of strangers, strange objects, loud noises, death or the dark are also frequent.

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Videos about children's fears. Childhood fears vary depending on the character of the child and the situations he lives. But fears are universal, they begin in the first year of life, and are most prevalent between 4 and 6 years of age. The child psychologist Silvia Álava answers our questions to help you with your children's fears.

Nightmares and childhood night terrors. Children's fears and nightmares. From 18 months, children experience fears of different types. They will need the support and security of their parents to face their fears of ghosts, darkness, monsters and shadows.

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Difference of the fears of boys and girls. Do boys have different fears than girls? Silvia Alava, doctor in child psychology, explains what resources children have, according to their sex, to face their fears. Learn about the most common fears of girls and boys. How are fears different according to the sex of the children?

Decalogue of childhood fears. As children get older, they go through different stages and experience different fears, which change as they are overcome. 10 childhood fears and 10 solutions to help children.

Fear of being alone. Why many children do not like to be alone. Causes of children's fear of being alone. What parents can do in the face of children's fear When the fear of loneliness appears in children. Children like to do things 'alone' but not alone. They need to have someone they trust around.

The fear of competing. Children who are afraid to compete is because they are afraid of being wrong. We give you some tips to help your child overcome that fear.

Fear of pooping. There are children who have trouble pooping because they are afraid. Others simply refuse to do it outside their home. Find out what causes these fears among children and how you can help them. The reasons why some children are afraid of 'pooping'.

Fear of insects. One of the common fears in childhood is the fear of insects, but it also affects girls more than boys. We help you differentiate a phobia of bugs from an irrational fear. How to help with a fear of insects in children.

Childish fear of fire. The fires that strike cities and towns every year startle and frighten many children. They are children who have to live moments of anxiety and uncertainty and generate fear. We tell you what to do about the fear of fire in childhood.

Daytime fears in children. Fear of heights, spiders, being alone in a room, relating to other children ... daytime fears are even more common than nocturnal ones. We teach you how to deal with children's daytime fears.

Fears that we infect children. There are childhood fears that are normal and correspond to age and evolutionary stage. However, there are other fears that parents pass on to their children. We tell you what are those fears that children learn from their parents.

Fear of plants. When there is a persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear of all kinds of plants we are talking about what is called Botanophobia. This type of phobia generates high levels of stress to those who suffer from it and various anxiety symptoms.

Fear of storms. The fear of lightning and thunder during a storm is very common in children and adults. We tell you what to do with children afraid of storms. We give you a series of tips to act and help the child overcome the fear of stormy days or nights and how to calm him if he loses his nerves and cannot calm down. Be afraid of the storm, lightning and thunder. Childish fears

Children afraid to swallow. Among the food phobias that exist on our site we are going to treat phagophobia, they are children with a fear of swallowing and it is due to the fear of choking when they swallow food, both liquid and solid.

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