The beach tree. Children's poem about dreams

To bring poetry closer to children and begin to love it, it is important to start with short poems, which have a simple language appropriate to their age, so that they can understand the message it conveys.

We invite you to read The beach tree, a children's poem about dreams that speaks to children about the ability to dream and achieve what one wants, even when not aware of it.

There is a tree on the beach

in love with the sea

looking from the shore

and does not stop dreaming.

Stretch, stretch its branches,

its trunk twists more,

but to kiss the waves

it will never come, ever.

When the years passed

and its trunk dried up,

fell dead to the shore

and his dream came true.

Nursery rhymes tell little stories in verse, do you think your child understood this one? Ask these questions and see for yourself:

  • Who is the protagonist of the poem?
  • Who was he in love with?
  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • He got it?

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