Get pregnant after 45 years naturally, is it possible?

Get pregnant after 45 years naturally, is it possible?

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Today it is no longer rare for women to have children beyond the age of 45. Without going any further, we know the names of some celebrities who became mothers at an age when ours already had us raised: Kelly Preston (at 47), Brigitte Nielsen (at 54) or Monica Bellucci (at Four. Five). This leads us to wonder ... Is it possible to get pregnant after 45 years naturally?

Whether for professional, medical or personal reasons, many women are having late pregnancies. This circumstance is challenging the longstanding belief that getting pregnant after 40 was difficult and troublesome.

And yes, although pregnancy at 45 is more complicated without using fertility treatments, since menopause is close, there are still chances of pregnancy. However, today there are more late pregnancies because many do not occur naturally but are the result of fertility treatments.

Biologically, it is not the same to get pregnant at 45 as at 20, not only does the body not respond the same, but there are fewer possibilities to conceive:

  • At age 30 you have a 20% chance of getting pregnant.
  • At age 40 you have a 5% chance of getting pregnant.
  • At age 45 it drops to a 1% chance.

Using in vitro fertilization techniques, the chances increase to 70%

The symptoms experienced by women after the age of 45 are very similar to those who are younger, although they can sometimes be confused with symptoms of menopause:

- Frequent urge to urinate.

- Humor changes.

- Headaches.

- Changes in the breasts.

- Fatigue and tiredness.

- Nausea.

- Muscle pains.

One of the biggest problems faced by women who want to have children beyond the age of 45 are certain health-related consequences:

- Gestational diabetes.

- High blood pressure.

- Placenta previa or abrupt placenta.

- Ectopic pregnancy.

- Ineffective contractions to expel the baby.

- Cesarean birth.

- High rate of spontaneous abortion.

- Difficulty to regain physical form.

The baby can also suffer the risks of having a mother over 45 years of age:

- Risk of having a baby with Down syndrome.

- Greater chance of having a baby with other chromosomal abnormalities.

- Fetal death.

To avoid, as far as possible, health complications and take maximum care of yourself so that the baby develops healthy and strong, it is advisable that you eat a healthy diet, in which you include all the food groups necessary to obtain vitamins and minerals that help the baby.

Performing moderate physical exercise on a regular basis, keeping stress at bay, not smoking, drinking or engaging in risky activities and resting the appropriate hours will help you live your pregnancy in a positive way.

Everyone will tell you that you are crazy, your family members will blast you with reproaches, your friends will look at you askance, the doctors will include you on the list of pregnant women at risk and you yourself will sometimes doubt but yes, being a late mother also has advantages .

You have overcome the hurdles of your 20s and 30s and have enough background to be aware of what it takes to raise a child. You have more experience, you feel more confident about yourself and you have more tools to overcome adversity.

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