The bad influences of children

Children sometimes choose their friends badly despite our warnings and even if it makes us worry a lot if you act badly you will only get your son away from you, especially in adolescence when friends play such an important role for the social development of children, and that for them at that time are the most important.

But what is bad company? Parents consider bad company that our children frequent people of their age who have customs and thoughts that are incompatible with the morals of the family or with the values ​​that are transmitted at home. We reflect on the bad influences of children.

When children are small bad influences They are children who encourage our children to do things that they should not, to speak badly, say rude things to them, make them lower their school performance, etc. I'm sure that if you keep thinking you will continue to find examples that make it clear what a bad influence is.

And it is that since children are very young, friends influence them and their behavior. It is true that parents cannot protect their children 100% from this influence, especially if it comes from school, but there will be some steps that you can follow so that it does not hurt them so much.

Normally when children get carried away by bad influences it can be because they lack confidence in themselves, self esteem, for companionship or simply to attract attention. Whatever the reason, parents should be vigilant to prevent this from happening, for this reason today I propose some ideas to deal with this situation.

1. Create a good bond with your children and maintain good trust based on communication and respect. In this way, if he has problems, he will turn to you before anyone else when he feels in trouble.

2. Help him understand what bad influences are and why (but without personalizing and without saying who you think is a bad influence). In this way, your children will be better able to resist bad influences.

3. Do family activities on a regular basis To create a warm atmosphere between you, it is important to do this from when children are very young.

4. Positively influence your children's friendships and invite suitable role models to play with your child or to spend time in groups of children who are good examples for him.

5. Let your child see that you care about everything that happens to him and with whom he relatesFor this reason, be interested in meeting your children's friends and their parents to have a good relationship or a cordial relationship.

6. You must know when your child is away from home where he is and who he is.

7. Never criticize your children's friends Nor do you forbid him to go with them because it will only make your child angry with you and emotionally distance himself from you, but he will continue with friendships.

What would you do in case your son frequented bad influences?

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