The importance of giving children's opinions

We do not always take into account the opinion of children because of course "they are children." We take it for granted that your point of view may not be relevant or may not contribute anything that we no longer know. But what a big mistake!

Know what it is the importance of giving children their opinion and what they can learn when it comes to expressing their opinion freely.

Give children the opportunity to express their opinions or what they think does not mean that they are the ones who make the family decisions. Not much less. However, this helps them feel secure in realizing that they have a place in the family.

It is important that children have the feeling that what they think or feel will always be taken into account by the adults in the house. This will make them feel heard, loved and mainly respected by the family.

We cannot forget that everyone, including children, has right to freely express our opinion and to be heard. And, of course, we have the obligation to do it in the right way so as not to offend or inconvenience other people. We must also transmit this last idea to the child.

- We encourage the child to have a good self-esteem.

- We promote creativity.

- We promote your critical thinking, children will begin to think for themselves and this will make them gain autonomy.

- We will feel safe by being able to express your opinion without fear of being judged or criticized for it.

- We validate your point of view, your thinking and your emotions.

- We improve the rrelationships between family members being thus the coexistence much more pleasant.

- Listening to children is also a very good way to educate. We help our son to acquire some adequate social skills through the free expression of what you think, feel or need.

- We will make the child feel dear and take an active role in the family. We have to be the pillar where they can find support and understanding whenever they want.

- We will promote a relationship of mutual trust. This feeds our peace of mind as parents by having the assurance that our son will communicate with us in the event of any difficulty or problem he may have.

Without a doubt, giving children their opinion at home has a very positive influence on their development. Socially they will probably be much more skilled children. And, they will have the necessary tools to resolve the possible conflicts that may arise with their peer group using their communication skills.

On the other hand, if we listen to them we can find out what their tastes are, their concerns, their needs, etc. If we talk frequently with our children, we can feel closer to them. This will allow us to know them more by establishing more intimate links if we allow them to show their opinion or point of view.

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