Postpartum women's check-ups

After delivery, the woman begins a quarantine stage where apart from worrying about the baby's health, she will also have to take care of her own health. The body must return to normal and the uterus will have to regain its original size.

For nine months, the pregnant woman's body has been changing and adapting to the new state. The uterus increases in size from 6.5 to 32 centimeters. That is, it increases five times its normal size. After delivery, the uterus must return to its size and the body must recover from the effort of childbirth.

During the postpartum period, the woman will have to undergo a series of medical check-ups, especially with the gynecologist or the midwife. The first check-up will take place at the hospital and will be within two or three days after delivery. The next check-up will be when the woman has returned home with her baby. The matron Rita Salvador, from Cummmater, explains why these reviews are done after delivery.

Women, during their stay in the hospital, every day, the midwife or gynecologist, will do a postpartum check-up. Focusing on the mother, basically, what is done is to observe the correct involution of the uterus, that is, that the uterus is returning to its pre-gestation size and that blood loss, lochia, bleeding after childbirth, is normal . The perineum, the episotomy scar, and cases of hemorrhoids (if any) are also examined, and the breasts are explored. Any concern or problem that the mother has should be solved in this first visit to the gynecologist.

In cases where it is necessary, that is, when there is suspicion that the mother has anemia, urinary infection or another type of ailment, the gynecologist may request blood, urine, stool tests ... After the results of the analytical, the doctor can advise the mother on feeding, diets, breastfeeding, and habits to follow in the day to day for recovery.

When the delivery was by cesarean section, the review is performed seven to ten days after delivery. It is checked if the scar evolves well. If the delivery was normal or vaginal, the mother is usually examined six weeks after delivery. The mother must pass a second review to verify that everything is still in order.

We tell you what these reviews with the midwife consist of:

Once at home, approximately ten days later, the woman should visit her midwife for help and do a postpartum check-up in which we would again see if there is a correct involution of the uterus, that the uterus continues to decrease in size , that the bleeding is normal, the wound is reviewed, in the event that there has been a tear or an episiotomy, and especially at the level of breast care and a review of how she is feeling and with the care of her newborn.

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