How to prevent accidents on the road. Travel as a family

Checking the vehicle, wearing a seatbelt or maintaining a safe distance are just some of the advice of the Red Cross, Spain, before a family trip on the road during the holidays. The hot months concentrate the largest volume of road trips in Spain, which increases the risk of accidents. Red Cross gives us a series of recommendations to avoid traffic accidents and know how to act in the event that they occur.

These are tips that can alert mothers and fathers around the world:

The vehicle

1- Check the vehicle before leaving for a trip: lights, brakes, tires.

2- Place the luggage in such a way that it does not obstruct visibility.

3- Do not place objects on the rear tray of the vehicle: In the event of a collision, they can act as projectiles and cause additional injuries to the occupants.

4- Animals must be isolated from the driver's cabin and if they are in cages or carriers, properly secured with seat belts.


1- Do not consume alcohol or other addictive substances, before or during the trip.

2- If you are taking any medication, take into account the specifications of the medication.

3- Always use the seat belt.

4- Do not use the mobile phone. Multiply the risk of accident by ten.

5- Make rest stops every two hours or every 200 kilometers. Fatigue decreases reflexes.

6- Maintain a safe distance. In case of rain, this should be twice the usual amount.

7- Exercise extreme caution on roads with only one lane in each direction, respecting speed limits and paying special attention to overtaking.


1- Children under the age of twelve or who do not reach 1.50 meters in height must travel in child restraint systems. They can prevent three out of four injuries.

2- All occupants must wear always buckle up. Children must use safety seats appropriate to their weight and age, and that are homologated and authorized.

In case of encountering an incident on the road, the Red Cross recommends always following the PAS Conduct: Protect, Warn, Help. It is a clear and simple action scheme based on three key actions:

- Protect the accident site. It's essential. Avoid a new accident.

- Notify the emergency services of the town where you live. For that, you need to have the number to call at hand.

- Help the victim. It is the last step. In addition to a moral obligation, it is a requirement that is included in both the Penal Code and the Traffic Regulations.

Good trip!

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