School songs for kids

The songs are part of the child's school life, and it is that since early childhood education teachers use them to stimulate them, develop their learning and help the child to have fun and feel happy.

In We offer you a list of ideal songs to work in the classroom with children. They are songs of Hello, songs to say goodbye to school until the next day, songs to learn or simply for children to dance and have a fun time.

Here you have a selection of songs for children to sing in kindergarten or school and have a fun time.

Hello. Good morning song to sing with the children. Infant teachers and teachers often use funny or educational songs to start the day like this one from 'Good morning'. With it they try to explain to the children what happens when the day begins.

See you tomorrow. Infant teachers often sing songs in the classroom to teach children. One of these songs to say goodbye to school until tomorrow is this: Goodbye time. On our site we show you the lyrics and the video of the song so that you can learn it and sing it at home with the children.

To save, to save. A good way to teach children to collect is to do it in a fun and enjoyable way. We can sing the song to put away the toys and make this action an entertaining moment. We tell you the lyrics of the song 'to save, to save'. Learn its handwriting and teach it to your children.

I go to school. A great way to encourage children to go to school in the morning is to sing songs with them like this: I'm going to school. These are fun and catchy children's songs that will make children's day more enjoyable.

I take out a hand. This song, 'Saco una manita' is widely used in kindergartens and nursery schools to teach children between 1 and 3 years old to enhance their memory, by repeating this little sung poetry, and also to improve their psychomotor skills

The numbers. We offer you the lyrics of the song the numbers. our site offers nursery rhyme lyrics for kids and babies. We select the best children's songs so that parents can enjoy them with their children. With the song 'The numbers' you can teach your child to count in a fun way.

Alphabet. Song of the alphabet, abc for children. Nursery rhymes to teach the letters of the alphabet to children and babies. We select the lyrics of the best children's songs so that parents can enjoy them with their children. Children's alphabet song for your children to learn letters in a fun and entertaining way.

Head, shoulder, knees and toes. Sing and dance with the Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes children, and have fun memorizing some words in English. Learn parts of the body in English by playing and singing children's songs. Jokes, riddles, stories, English classes and lots of fun for children

I put a hand. In Guiainfantil we show you the lyrics and the video of the song I put a hand, a perfect song for the beginning of classes at school in the morning.

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