Children of smoking parents will suffer serious lung problems in adult life

Children of smoking parents will suffer serious lung problems in adult life

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That smoking causes serious health problems for those who smoke is a fact, but the impact it has on others, especially on children, is less known.

However, a new study by the American Cancer Society warns for the first time about the impact tobacco has on the children of smoking parents in adult life, and it is that they have a high possibility of developing serious long-term lung problems.

Children of smoking parents will have more diseases in adult life

The American Cancer Society produced a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on the impact that tobacco has on the children of smoking parents.

It was already known that children whose parents have the habit of smoking have a higher risk than other children of suffering from lung cancer or problems such as asthma or high blood pressure during childhood, however, this is the first time that the long-term impact of tobacco on children has been analyzed. What can happen to them over time and how they will suffer the effects when they reach adult life.

The study is based on an investigation carried out on 70,900 non-smokers of both sexes who had been analyzed for more than 20 years. During the time that the study was carried out, a third of these people stopped providing data as they died.

The research showed that children who lived with an adult smoker generally had more health problems throughout their lives. Those who were exposed to tobacco smoke for 10 hours or more per week, even when they became adult nonsmokers, had:

- A 42% risk of death from lung disease.

- A 27% risk of death from heart disease.

- A 23% risk of death due to cerebrovascular accident or cerebral stroke.

Quitting smoking is giving your children health

The best way to prevent your children from suffering serious diseases of the bronchial tubes, circulation, heart or even death is none other than to stop smoking. Nobody says it's easy, but it's not impossible either. Thousands of people have managed to quit the habit and they are not stronger or more determined than you, just one good day, they made the decision and are able to respect it for the rest of their life without further trauma.

If you are a smoker and you cannot quit for your own health, what better than to do it for the health of your children, for their current health and for their adult health. If you still depend so much on the cigarette that you cannot give it up, there are a series of measures that you should take now, without excuses:

- Never smoke in front of your son.

- Never light a cigarette in the car if you travel with your children.

- Do not smoke at home, avoid tobacco in all rooms but, above all, in those that children usually occupy such as the living room or bedroom.

- If you have the irrepressible feeling of smoking, go out to the balcony or go down to the street but do not do it inside the house.

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