The use of the antepartum girdle during pregnancy, yes or no?

During pregnancy, a woman's body has to cope with different changes. Adapting to some of them is very easy (such as hair or nails that are stronger than ever), but for others, extra help is necessary. One of the accessories that are marketed with the intention of make life easier for pregnant women is the antepartum girdle or pelvic belt.

Its use continues to cause disparity of opinions among experts. Does it really help reduce discomfort? Does using it harm the baby? In We analyze the use of this type of band for pregnancy.

Should a prepartum girdle be worn during pregnancy? Depending on who you ask this question, the answer can be yes or no. As with postpartum girdles, there are gynecologists who prefer to allow time and care to make the mother feel good during pregnancy, while others consider that this girdle can be of great help.

The antepartum girdles or the pelvic belt are aimed provide more stability to the pregnant woman's body. There are different models that are adapted to the needs and type of discomfort suffered but, in general, the aim is to improve body posture. As the belly grows, problems may appear in the abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor and back pain caused by the change in weight distribution and the posture of our body. The antepartum girdle aims to reduce the discomfort derived from all these physical changes during pregnancy.

On the other side of the scale are the experts who say that these types of accessories are not necessary and that, in fact, they can be harmful for some women. They explain that when used for long periods of time, the abdominal muscles can lose strength and tone as they get used to the fastening of this belt.

However, all the experts agree on two arguments.

- When this accessory is tightened with great force, It can be harmful to the growth of the baby. It must be borne in mind that inside the gut there is a child that is growing and that changes position. In the last weeks before delivery, it is placed in the lower area, so excess pressure in the area can be harmful.

- In addition, unlike what is usually believed, the antepartum girdles do not serve to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. These lesions appear when the skin is not elastic enough to hold the baby in the belly. No matter how much the girdle is used, it will not prevent the growth of the belly, so stretch marks will continue to appear. To prevent them, it is better to drink a lot of water and use specific creams.

If you feel pain in your back because your posture has changed and you do not want to use the antepartum girdle or pelvic belt, take note of these tips that will help you prevent discomfort. They are simple gestures that you can incorporate into your day to day and that will help to readjust your posture.

- Try to always be straight. As if you were being pulled by a thread coming out of your head, try to keep your back always straight.

- When bending over, bend your knees instead of beating the body forward. You will feel more comfortable if you place one leg in front of the other.

- When you are sitting, touch your back on the back of the chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.

- When sleeping, lie on your left side so as not to hurt your back and help your blood circulate better.

- Practice sports according to your circumstances. Although it is best to consult your doctors about the best exercises for you, walks, swimming or yoga are usually very beneficial during pregnancy.

Given the disparity of opinions about the use of the antepartum girdle or the pelvic belt, it is best to listen to your gynecologist and, if you consider it appropriate, ask for a second opinion from another doctor. If they recommend using it, they will be able to tell you which model is the best for you, and they will explain how, when and for how long you should wear it.

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