What children learn from Christmas

What children learn from Christmas

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What lessons does Christmas bring us? All celebrations have a meaning. There is almost nothing left for Christmas, and although not everyone celebrates it, Christmas is always a time of family reunion, expression of good feelings, new resolutions for the new year, and a time to exchange congratulations, gifts and generosity with those who do not have. Christmas is a good time to renew illusions and hopes, as well as learning for children.

Many times families tend to orient Christmas to shopping, to everything material, and end up spending Christmas parties without learning anything from children. The Advent calendar, for example, is not just for children to eat chocolates or sweets, or win a gift.

Advent, which means 'the arrival' of Christmas, is much more than surprises, it is the ideal tool for families can instill the spirit and values ​​of Christmas in the little ones. So Christmas is not represented only by the gifts, the holidays, the lights and the decorations.

During Advent, the time to prepare for Christmas (something that shopping malls remind us, weeks ahead of offering us Christmas consumables) we should take the opportunity to reflect, and make our children reflect, on two fundamental themes of the Christmas spirit. Teach them values ​​such as togetherness, generosity, friendship, joy, etc.

Another learning that children can acquire during Christmas is the value of family and friends. Parents should take time to spend time with the family. Teach them values ​​such as union, generosity, friendship, joy, collaboration and cooperation, etc. How to do it? Well, making everyone collaborate in the tasks that sustain Christmas: shopping for gifts, decorating or decorating the house, planning dinner and the family Christmas meal, playing, telling stories, singing Christmas carols, etc.

It is important that parents teach their children to thank and say 'I love you', to show their love without shame, to hug loved ones. They can never thank us enough. On the other hand, the way to celebrate life. If we do not like to be imposed on how we should celebrate good things by inducing us to compulsively buy, drink and eat without control, let's think about how we can celebrate with joy and healthy fun, also avoiding the excesses that lead us to hurt physically and economically from these parties.

At dinner time, it is also important to educate children that the table is a meeting and union point, that our relationships are loving and generous with others. In short, that Advent is a time of prior preparation so that our children get all the best of Christmas, a moment of encounter, a Christmas that helps us start the New Year with enthusiasm and optimism, and not only financial expenses and of waste.

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