Activities with pumpkins for children on Halloween

Activities with pumpkins for children on Halloween

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The pumpkin It is one of the star elements of the Halloween party. This celebration raised the category of this fruit from food to icon, and one of the traditions is to empty it, shape it into a face and put a candle inside.

We show you the different activities that you can do as a family with a pumpkin, from drawing a pumpkin to crafts to delicious recipes with pumpkins.

What can children do with a pumpkin? The pumpkin is an element widely used both in decoration and in crafts and in recipes to celebrate Halloween. has selected some activities that you can enjoy with your children.

How to empty a pumpkin. Craft to decorate the children's Halloween party. Halloween pumpkin. The Halloween pumpkin is the best-known ornament of this celebration, so if you are going to celebrate a scary party, don't forget to prepare this terrifying children's craft to decorate your home.

Paper mache pumpkin. Paper mache allows you to make very original and durable crafts, so on our site we suggest you make a Halloween pumpkin using newspaper and glue.

Cardboard pumpkin. The pumpkin is one of the most typical symbols of Halloween. On our site we teach you how to make a lamp to light up a Halloween party.

Pom pom pumpkin. On our site we teach you how to make pompoms for Halloween in a very easy and fun way. We have made a pumpkin, a bat and a ghost so you can decorate a party with these original motifs.

Recipes with pumpkin. Pumpkin recipe suggestions for children. On our site we propose different ideas to prepare dishes for children with pumpkin. First courses, purees, sweets or desserts made from pumpkin.

Pumpkin seed necklace. Creative crafts for children. Pumpkin seed necklace at Guiainfantil.clom. With some pumpkin seeds and the help of an adult, children can make a nice addition.

Pumpkin origami. Create this pumpkin at the Halloween party with the art of origami. With this video, our site wants you to learn and teach children how to make a paper pumpkin to decorate the party in a very fun way. Learn to make a paper pumpkin with your children.

Ghost and pumpkin mobile. Happy Halloween 2015. our site proposes a craft that, in addition to being very entertaining, is used to decorate some corner of the house. It is a mobile with ghosts, pumpkins and bats, ideal for decorating the house, especially on Halloween.

Pumpkin coloring pages. A selection of Halloween drawings to print and color with children. With the excuse of Halloween we set up a very entertaining children's activity: coloring pictures of pumpkins, bat, ghosts, witches ... Children's activity with Halloween pictures to print and color.

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