Makeup ideas for Halloween

Makeups of witches, pumpkins, skulls, vampires ... for children's Halloween


An easy and simple idea of ​​how to do a zombie makeup on children. It is that the Zombies are fashionable. It is one of the most requested Halloween makeup by children. The vampires are being left behind. For this makeup you will only need black and white paints. Kids will love being a zombie for one night.

The makeup for witch costume can be varied in style and colors. On this occasion, we suggest you do a green makeup. Paint of this color is spread over the entire face of the girl or boy, and then I draw the dark circles with black paint, the expression lines are accentuated and a spider web is drawn on one side of their face.

To do a ghost makeupAs you can see, you don't have to be an expert. We propose you a very easy and simple makeup to do on children. It is enough to first clean the child's face well, then hydrate it. Then, with the help of a sponge, cover your entire face with white paint. The next step is to paint the outline of the eyes with black paint, and then highlight the mouth with the red paint.

For the rest, for the costume, it is only to cover the child with a white sheet, leaving his face in view. Kids are sure to love dressing up as a ghost on Halloween night.

An easy and simple makeup proposal for the children's Halloween party. We tell you how to make a Catrina makeup, step by step, to complement your children's Catrina costume. An original and very homemade idea to make up children on Halloween.

As we all know, the pumpkin is, par excellence, the symbol of Halloween. To transform your child into a pumpkin, start by painting a triangle black around their little eyes, then another triangle above their nose, and to complete a large, long mouth.

Turn your daughter or son into a dark night by painting their entire face white and then using the pencil to draw deep dark circles and scars coming out of their mouth. The eyebrows should be very well accentuated, as well as the eyelashes.

So that your child has the closest appearance to fearsome hulk, the first thing you have to do is paint her whole face green, and put some green paint on her hair. Small spots of blood can be painted around its mouth.

To complete, dress the child in a green jumpsuit or tunic. And so you will make his dream of coming out dressed as the Hulk character come true on Halloween night.

We encourage you to do this easy and simple makeup on children: a snake. To do this, you will only need green, black, white and red paints. The result is amazing. An ideal makeup or face paint for a Halloween party, birthday party or as a complement to a costume for Carnival. Do you dare to do it? How to make a snake makeup for kids

It is one of the makeup most demanded by girls for Halloween night. Learn how to do this beautiful makeup of La Catrina, the most famous Mexican skull. For them you will only need white, black, purple and red paints. And some flowers to complement the makeup, on the head.

Learn how to make up your child, a nephew or a friend of your monster child, for the Halloween party. This angry monster is very easy to get. You will only need black, white and blue paints. Follow this model, and you will be able to make a scary makeup on your children.

The pumpkin is not only an ingredient but also a character and the most traditional piece of the Halloween party. For this reason, we have developed a pumpkin makeup to serve as inspiration when making up children for the Halloween party. Learn how to make this pumpkin makeup at home, for children. Kids will love coming out dressed as a pumpkin.

To turn your daughter into a witch to scare friends on Halloween night, just put a black spiky hat on her and then make her a very original makeup like the one we propose.

For our witch makeup, make some black stripes under the eyes, paint the mouth also in purple, and on one side of the face, some nice bats. On the forehead, you can paint a badly astonished castle, all in black. And to give some color, paint a shade of green over the eyes.

To make your daughter look like an imp, we have created a very original and different make-up model. First, we have painted a black cat on his forehead, and then a few pumpkins on both sides of his face, painting the background orange.

To make your makeup look good you can use some glitter on top. Surely on Halloween night your daughter will attract the attention of her friends.

If you are going to dress up your child as a vampire or Dracula, learn how to do this simple makeup to complement the costume. To do this, you will only need white and red paints, as well as a brush. An ideal makeup for the Halloween party. Always remember to use hypoallergenic paint and wash your child's face well when removing makeup.

Start by painting your child's entire face white, but very white. Then, use black shadow around the eyes, on the sides of the nose, and add some scars around the face and around the mouth.

The paler the witch, the better. Use a black pencil to paint deep dark circles on your little witch. Also use the pencil for the eyeshadow, for the sides of the nose, to give the impression that your little witch is very anemic. To finish, paint one of your teeth black and your lips a deep purple.

To make up the bat child, start by painting a mask-like stripe on the eye line, in a dark color, be it black or blue. Then, paint your mouth with a red lipstick and on one side of the mouth, make some red spots to give the impression that blood is coming out of your mouth. proposes a bat or vampire mask make-up for children to have fun at Halloween or Carnival parties.

To turn your child into a skull, paint his entire face white as if it were only bones. Then, with a very black pencil, I fill in the entire area around her eyes, forming a square to give the impression that there is a hole and not the eyes. With the same pencil, paint the sides of the nose and then draw some teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth.

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