21 short dedications to congratulate Christmas with children

Christmas is a time of peace, of union, of being together as a family to decorate the Christmas tree, put lights everywhere, make special gifts and above all, to live the true Christmas sense of joy, hope and love, between loved ones.

At the end of the day, living Christmas is sharing feelings and emotions, and what better way to do that than to transmit ourselves through the messages we write on postcards and Christmas cards to loved ones.

For it, has elaborated 21 short sentences with dedications for Christmas, so you can share them with who else you love.

The best Christmas message is the one that comes silently from our hearts, to the hearts of others. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
That this Christmas,
magic be your best clothes,
your smile the best gift
and your happiness your best wish
On that Christmas, let's cleanse the heart, remove the bad things and let the magic of
Christmas invades our soul.
There are no limitations to our dreams, just believe.
Christmas resides in oneself,
in the feelings of love, peace and hope
Christmas is the time to celebrate life
share the love
and sow hope.
The true meaning of Christmas
we can find in the
good attitudes we do
in our day to day.
Christmas is lived
when the lights of love,
of peace and forgiveness,
light up in our hearts
Christmas is synonymous
of renewal and harmony.
Let's make these parties
a date of peace and joy.
If you don't know what to give your loved ones at Christmas,
give them your love. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Let Christmas be a symbol of love
and peace in everyone's heart.
Christmas is not about opening presents,
it is about opening our hearts to others. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
time to give
time to share
Time to love
Christmas is not a date
it's not just a celebration ...
it is a mental and spiritual state
Better than many gifts under the Christmas tree, it is a united and happy family MERRY CHRISTMAS!
That the JOJOJO
be full of
There is nothing more exciting
at Christmas to see in the eyes of others the sparkle of hope
That the Christmas holidays
be marked by the desire to
a new life and a new walk
that leads us to sow love and peace.
That this Child that is born in our
inside, enlarge our
hearts, and wake up our
noblest feelings. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Christmas gift suggestions:
For the enemy, sorry
For the friend, your heart
For all children, a good example
For everyone, love and respect
Let the bells ring
and rejoice the hearts of the whole world

One of the activities that families like the most at Christmas, after assembling the Christmas tree, is making Christmas cards and postcards for family and friends.

There are parents who take the opportunity to send updated photos of their children, usually dressed up as a Christmas character; others choose to make personalized postcards with their children; and there are others who prefer to buy ready-made cards at stationery stores or supermarkets. What it is about is sending a nice message to loved ones.

The difficulty of many parents and children begins when they have to write a dedication, message or phrases on the postcards. What message to transmit to all the people we appreciate, to family, friends, co-workers ...? Let us remember that Christmas is a religious festival that celebrates the Birth of the child Jesus. And that is why we must transmit values ​​such as peace, love, joy, hope ... in our messages.

The ideal of sending messages is the memory, not only of the true spirit of Christmas, but to make people feel considered, 'embraced', remembered by us. After all, Christmas is a good time to get closer to others, to review and rediscover loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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