Interactive Christmas Story Advent Calendar for Kids

Interactive Christmas Story Advent Calendar for Kids

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An original and exclusive Advent Calendar for children with Christmas tales. In We have created this digital Advent Calendar for you to spend an unforgettable Christmas with your family. Every day hides a traditional tale, a fable or a story related to the Christmas.

In this Digital advent calendar, children will find 24 children's stories hidden in every day in December until Christmas. You just have to click the day of the Advent Calendar that you want and it will take you to the Christmas story corresponding to that day. It is a gift that we wanted to give you so that you can enjoy the Christmas holidays as a family. We wish you Happy Christmas!

The digital Advent Calendar has a selection of 24 stories related to Christmas for children. Among them you can find children's stories with an educational message and fables with values.

We hope that this activity will help you have a nice time with your family this Christmas. Children will experience the illusion and magic of Christmas with each of the Christmas stories that we have selected.

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