12 home remedies to relieve itching in pregnancy

In the nine months of gestation, small discomforts often appear due to physiological changes experienced by the mother or hormones. One of these most common complaints is itching in pregnancyAlthough in most cases they are simply due to the tightening of the skin on the abdomen and breasts, it can also be caused by estrogens, dryness in the area, cholestasis or dermatosis of pregnancy.

Since we know that during these months we should avoid taking medication as much as possible, but what to do to relieve itching in pregnancy? We tell you the best natural remedies to deal with the itching that affects us in the best possible way if we are pregnant:

- Avoid very hot water during the shower or the bathroom, as vasodilation can cause itching to increase once you leave the bathroom.

- Use a neutral soapand soft that respects the pH of the skin.

- When you get out of the shower, dry without rubbing, better to do it with soft touches. Then apply a moisturizer, although the best are natural oils without perfumes, such as sweet almond.

- Another “home” remedy istake a warm oatmeal bath (sold in pharmacies) from time to time, although if there is a lot of itching, the pregnant woman is not recommended to stay submerged in water for a long time.

- Wear clothes that are not too tight, preferably made with natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

- Avoid the hottest hours to go out or doing physical activities. Sweating releases sweat, which can be itchy, and sweat can irritate the skin.

- For very itchy moments you can using compresses or towels soaked in cool water, since the cold relieves a lot. You can make an infusion with dandelion and leave it in the fridge, and with it soak the compresses that you will then apply to the chest or belly.

- The calendula-based creamsThey provide quick relief, but also help hydrate the skin, so they will help reduce both dry skin and eczema.

- Spread aloe vera on the areas of skin most affected by itchiness. In addition to calming the sensation, it creates a protective film on the skin with which the area is protected from the most frequent damage from scratching.

- Try to avoid scratching yourself. I understand that what I am saying is very difficult; However, if you do, at least do not do it directly with your nails on the skin, as you can injure yourself. Do it over the shirt.

- Some laundry detergents they can also influence the itchiness of the skin. If you notice a certain reaction after washing your clothes, throw them away for a while.

- Hydrate inside too. Drink every time you feel thirsty or exercise.

Follow our advice and you will see what relief you feel.

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