How the newborn baby should sleep to avoid sudden death

How the newborn baby should sleep to avoid sudden death

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden death of a child less than one year old, which occurs during sleep and is unexplained after an autopsy, death site examination, and review of medical history. Most deaths from SIDS are estimated to occur between 2 and 4 months of age, butHow should the newborn baby sleep to avoid sudden death?

Some studies have corroborated that sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on the baby's jaw, narrowing the airway and making it difficult for him to breathe.

In addition, sleeping on the stomach can increase the risk that the newborn will breathe the air of his own exhalation again, especially if there is soft items nearby such as bedding or stuffed animals. The exhaled air is trapped between his face and the object and the child will decrease the oxygen level in his body, accumulating carbon dioxide.

Here we give you 20 practical tips to sleep the newborn baby andavoid sudden death.

1. You must always put the baby on his back. Sleeping on your stomach doubles the risk of sudden death. The side position is not safe, as the child may end up on his stomach. Do not worry that the baby could choke if he spits up the milk since, if that happens, he will swallow or cough reflexively.

2. The baby must sleep alone.

3. In the first months of life it is better to sleep in your crib and inside the parents' room, who will be able to supervise their sleep.

4. The mattress in your baby's crib should be firm. Run away from soft mattresses.

5. Don't put the baby on a pillow.

6. Don't put him on a couch.

7. Keep baby away from the cushions.

8. Don't give him a stuffed animal to sleep on.

9. It is forbidden to overcoat your child.

10. Under no circumstances put a hat to sleep.

11. Be careful with the heating. High temperatures are also an added risk.

12. The too cold temperatures they are also counterproductive.

13. The Breastfeeding reduces the risk of sudden death by up to 50%.

14. Do not smoke during pregnancy or postpartum and avoid anyone doing it in the presence of the baby. It's time to quit for good!

15. Stop alcohol and drugs during pregnancy and while raising the baby.

16. The pacifier removes the risk of SIDS.

17. Air the room where the baby sleeps.

18. Respect the vaccination schedule. It has been shown that vaccinated children decrease the probability of sudden death by 50%.

19. During the day, when your baby is awake, put him on his stomach for short periods of time to strengthen his muscles. Many parents shy away from putting it on its tummy and this can cause the baby to not be able to support its head.

20. Report all this to the people who are caring for the baby (grandparents, babysitter, etc.).

But above all remember to always place your baby in the supine position! It is the most important modifiable risk factor.

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