Homemade Santa Claus costume. Christmas Crafts

Homemade Santa Claus costume. Christmas Crafts

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We teach you how to make an original and beautiful homemade Santa Claus costume. In addition, children can collaborate in the development of their own propose a santa claus costume, which can be used for both children and adults, using inexpensive materials.

With a red shirt, felt and some pompoms you can make this original santa claus costume, a very cheap costume to enjoy Christmas with children.


  • 1 red t-shirt
  • Cloth or tissue glue
  • Wool pompoms
  • Black and white felt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Gold colored eva rubber

1. Lay the red Santa Claus shirt stretched out on a flat surface. Cut out two strips of white felt and glue them to the sleeves.

2. Glue two more strips, this time longer, one at the base of the shirt and one vertically in the center.

3. Make 3 white wool pompoms and glue them to the vertical strip.

4. Cut out a strip of black felt and glue it together as a belt.

5. With golden eva rubber cut a square and stick it on the belt, it will be the buckle.

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