DIY flower headband for First Communion

DIY flower headband for First Communion

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The First Communion dress. that your daughter will wear at a party or at her First Communion will not be complete if the girl does not wear a headband.

Thinking about it, about we are going to teach you to make at home, a headband with satin flowers, easily and very quickly.


  • White or cream satin ribbon
  • A piece of felt
  • Plastic headband
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Lighter

This DIY craft is ideal for us to spend time with the children and to collaborate in the realization of this colorful and decorative headband. Do you dare to do it?

1- To begin we will cut several pieces of satin of about 3 centimeters each. The more pieces, the bigger the flower will be. We have cut 10.

2- Carefully burn the ends of the pieces with a lighter to prevent them from fraying. Then fold both ends inward and then in the middle.

3- Glue the ends of the little piece of satin with silicone and you will have your first petal. Repeat the process with the rest of the pieces.

4- Cut out a circle of white felt and stick the petals on it, if you need more petals, you will have to repeat the previous processes.

5- Glue a bead in the center of the flower. Finally you will only have to glue the flowers on the headband. You already have a nice accessory for First Communion!

Craft made by Rocío Jiménez.

Video: Project: First Communion or Bridal Veil Headband (February 2023).