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Sapon and the hare Casilda, a beautiful children's story about friendship

Sapon and the hare Casilda, a beautiful children's story about friendship

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Friends are one of the great figures that mark the childhood of all children. Hence, your children like books about friendship so much, as is the case in this story. No one would bet that the relationship between Sapon and the hare Casilda it was going to work as they were so different. However, friendship can do anything! Do not miss this so cute children's story nor all the other titles that we have compiled after the story. Without a doubt, they will make young and old reflect on the value of friendship.

Toad was a bit of a weird toad, everyone in the forest believed it. He was well known because he had a small communication problem; he spoke very fast and many animals did not understand what he was saying and laughed at him. Although he lived alone, the reality was that every day he dreamed of finding someone who wanted to share life with him.

One morning he met Casilda, a hare that was a little deaf, with which he always coincided in the area and with which he got along very well. Sapon steeled himself, and decidedly started a conversation with her to tell her his wish.

- Hello friend, I am thinking that it is a roll to live alone ... - He said hastily.

- Can you speak slower and louder? I do not understand you! - said the hare Casilda stretching her ears.

Sapon was a bit annoyed, but immediately repeated, raising his voice as slowly as possible.

- Would you mind to come to your house for a few days? I don't like living alone.

"Ah, I had never thought of sharing a house with anyone," the hare answered doubtfully.

- I promise you will not regret; I will go hunting and help with the housework. I will not interfere in your life - Sapon said, as slowly as he could and vocalizing the last words exaggeratedly.

- Please please please! You will not regret! - he yelled, suddenly jumping and grimacing, forgetting to speak slowly.

Casilda looked at him amused. Why not? Sapon was a very funny toad, he was a hard worker and he liked him very much.

- Okay Sapon! - I answer. I only put two conditions on you; that you speak to me louder and more slowly; if you make an effort you will achieve it.

In the forest they shook their heads when they heard that two such different animals were thinking of going to live together, and they began to criticize.

"They will last two days," the rabbits muttered.

- Sapon will never stop talking fast - said the gazelles very sure of themselves.

- They will never understand each other! - said the parrots.

They even made bets in the forest about the days they would last together.

And against all odds: they lived together all their livesThey were very happy and understood each other perfectly, because Sapón learned to speak to Casilda louder, a little more slowly and, most importantly, with great affection.

Before moving on to other activities or stories, we suggest some questions about this story. Ask your child about them to see if they have understood the message of the story.

- Why do the rest of the animals think Sapon is weird?

- Sapon liked to live alone?

- What are the conditions for the hare Casilda for Sapon to live with her?

- Finally, can they be happy together?

To continue working with your children on the value of friendship, we propose other stories that also talk about friends.

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In we have many other stories to educate children in values. Don't miss them!

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