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What a pregnant woman should know before traveling by plane

What a pregnant woman should know before traveling by plane

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Pregnant women will not find all the traffic lights open when they have to catch a plane. Their state of pregnancy will force them to know and follow some procedures that allow them to fly.

If you are pregnant and you are going to take a plane, the first thing you should do is find out about the requirements and regulations of some airlines regarding pregnant women. I have found a series of tips to follow so that the pregnant woman can catch her flight without any kind of setback, so if you are pregnant and you are going to travel, this interests you!

1- Iberia

- The pregnant woman can fly without problems until 28 weeks of gestation.

- It is recommended not to fly after 36 weeks of gestation (32 of which are multiple and without complications). Physician authorization is required. It is not allowed to fly from that week on flights operated by Vueling.

2- Easy Jet

- No restrictions for pregnant women until the 27th week of gestation.

- Request a medical certificate from the doctor for pregnant women whose gestation period is between week 28 and 35, which must be issued at least 5 days before the trip.

- You can travel until the end of week 35, in the case of a single pregnancy.

- In case of multiple pregnancy, you can travel until the end of the 32nd week of gestation.

- Pregnant women can travel with a baby on their lap if they wish.

3- Ryanair

- It allows to fly until week 36 of gestation. Presentation of a medical certificate is urgent.

- For cases of uncomplicated multiple pregnancies, travel beyond the end of the 32nd week of gestation is not allowed.

4- SAS

- No restrictions during the first eight months of pregnancy.

- A medical report is needed for pregnant women between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the expected date of the baby's birth and the travel time may not exceed 4 flight hours.

- It prohibits travel to women who are less than 2 weeks after delivery.

5- KLM / Air France

- They suggest consulting a doctor before boarding any of their aircraft.

- KLM does not allow flying pregnant women whose gestation stage exceeds 36 weeks, or 34 in the case of multiple pregnancy.

- With Air France, a medical certificate is required for pregnant women who are more than 36 weeks pregnant.

6- Lufthansa

- No restrictions for pregnant women up to 8 months of gestation (36 weeks) as long as there are no complications.

- A medical certificate, obtained through the medical service of this airline, is required for mothers who have more than 37 weeks of gestation.

- It does not advise flying mothers who are expecting multiple pregnancies or whose baby has cardiovascular problems.

- He suggests traveling only if necessary in the case of pregnant women and always consult a doctor before flying.

- Because the risks of suffering a thrombosis increase during pregnancy, the company suggests using compression bandages and elevating the feet during flight.

7- British Airways

- No restrictions for pregnant women under 36 weeks of gestation if they are expecting only one baby and 32 weeks for multiple pregnancies.

- It requires that passengers who are more than 7 months pregnant present a medical report certifying that they have no problems in pregnancy and indicating the probable date of delivery.

8- Alitalia

- If you travel in a state of pregnancy after 7 months, expect more than one baby or have complications during pregnancy, a medical certificate is required. This certificate must be a medical report called a Completion of a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) that must be submitted before traveling and must be signed by the doctor and the passenger. This form can be downloaded from the Alitalia website.

- From the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy, a certificate must be requested from the doctor that includes the expected date of delivery.

- It is not recommended to travel seven days before giving birth or seven days after, or if there is a risk of premature delivery or any other complication.

- It is advisable to travel with a companion from week 28 of gestation.

9- Aeromexico Airline

- The medical certificate will not be necessary in pregnancies without complications or in pregnancies until week 32.

- From the 33rd week of pregnancy, it will only be possible to travel by presenting the medical certificate during Check-in.

- In the case of high-risk pregnancies, regardless of the month of gestation, the corresponding medical certificate must be presented.

10- Aerolineas Argentinas

- After 34 weeks of gestation and up to 37 weeks, only a medical certificate from the obstetrician is required.

- For multiple pregnancies, from week 28 of gestation and up to week 37 inclusive, it will be necessary to present a Medical Certificate.

- If the pregnancy has complications or is considered risky, it is mandatory to present the medical form (MEDIF Annex A and B) no less than 10 days in advance and up to 72 business hours before the flight.

- From week 38 you will not be able to travel on flights operated by this company

For the rest, when you are already on board the plane, you just have to remember that there are some preventive measures to follow to avoid startles during the trip, such as nausea, swelling or back pain, such as changing posture, treating to put your feet up a little, take a few short steps around the plane when it is not mandatory to wear a seat belt and drink water or eat light meals if the flight lasts many hours.

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