Medals for children's good habits

Medals for children's good habits

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Badges to print and color, to give to children for the good habits acquired


Sleep routines are very important, especially during the school year. Sleeping the necessary hours and resting is key to children's performance, so we can set schedules and reward children when they meet them.

Among the household chores in which children can collaborate, making the bed stands out, because they can contribute from approximately five years of age. It will help them to be more responsible and orderly with their room.

Dental hygiene is very important to prevent cavities and other oral health problems. To include it to children from day one, we invite you to reward them when they brush their teeth correctly.

Learning to set the table is a simple task that we can instill in children, thus making them aware of the importance of a good diet and how healthy it is to eat as a family. You can print and color this medal for the children who complete this task.

Many children have trouble concentrating and finishing homework. Studying every day and creating good habits will help them improve their performance. When your child finishes his homework successfully, give him this medal so he can color it and get motivated.

Keeping the room tidy can be difficult for children, who often forget to pack their toys or make their beds. If they leave their room clean and tidy, we can reward them with this coloring medal for having been obedient and responsible collaborating with the housework.

When a child gets tired of a toy, he puts it down and goes to find another without picking up. To prevent them from accumulating everywhere, we must teach children to be orderly with their toys. A good way to motivate them is with this medal that they can color in after completing the task.

Once we have finished eating, the task of cleaning is pending. An easy way to show children that cooperation makes chores around the house easier is to invite them to clear the table. If they complete the task, they can print and paint this medal.

Teaching hygiene rules is important, but it is not always an easy task. One of the rules that children most often forget or ignore is to wash their hands before eating. We can reward them for doing so by giving them this medal to print and color.

A task that undoubtedly indicates the maturity of the child is to bathe alone. It is a sign that you have achieved not only the necessary motor skills, but a sense of responsibility and autonomy. That is why we can reward you with this coloring medal.

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