When and how to introduce your baby to the family without overwhelming you

When and how to introduce your baby to the family without overwhelming you

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Congratulations dear mom! Your dream has come true! I can't think of better words to start this article in which I'm going to tell you about one of the happiest moments in the family: the birth of your child. You just have your little one in your arms, you look into his eyes and give him that kiss full of love that you had saved from the beginning of pregnancy. And that's when you start to think, When and how will I introduce my baby to the family?

Next, we share with you these tips that you make your little one know with great enthusiasm and no stress.

After childbirth, there are many emotions that remain on the surface and many feelings that become contradictory: maximum happiness for the arrival of the baby, joy for sharing it with your loved ones and also fatigue and stress from all the things to do and every night without a good sleep.

Why am I telling you this? Well because I want you to realize that you should be the one to decide when to introduce your baby to the family. Trust me, it's not as simple as it sounds. When my first child was born, the day after I was discharged, a large part of the family came home to meet the baby. Of course I knew they were coming, but if I found out that I was going to be so exhausted you might have postponed it for a few days later.

My personal advice is that you invite your closest and dearest family, the one that will really help you, when you want and also when you need it And, once you are a little recovered from the delivery, prepare a meeting at home to introduce the baby to the rest of the family. If your family is very large and you do not want them all to attend at the same time, you can even do it twice, it is more work because you will have to prepare things twice but on the other hand you will be calmer and everyone will have their time to pick up to the baby.

It is time to answer the question: how to introduce the baby to the family? Very simple, letting you be guided by the following tips. Keep in mind that it is a moment of celebration that you have to enjoy, so organize slowly, calmly and with the help of your loved ones. We started!

1. The place of the meeting
The most successful thing is that you present your baby at home, you will be more comfortable if you have to breastfeed and you will have everything you need to change the diaper or put him to sleep for a while. You don't need to do any decoration, just preparing some appetizers will be enough, without going overboard. Think that each family member who arrives will bring something to drink as well as a little detail for your baby.

2. Choose the day of the meeting yourself
If you open a discussion group to see which day is best for everyone, you may end up losing the desire to party. You choose the day and tell the guests. You will see how everyone does the impossible to attend.

3. Respect your baby's rhythms
Don't be surprised that everyone wants to cradle the baby in their arms, there is nothing wrong with that, just remind your guests to wash their hands, your baby is a newborn and you have to take certain precautions.

Remember also to respect his rhythms, if it is time for a drink or a nap, others will have to wait to see him again. And this reminds me, do not be afraid to breastfeed your child in front of the family, so that you feel less 'weird', especially if you are a new mother and it is your in-laws. Find a discreet sofa and use a towel if you want to cover yourself a bit, but do not leave the room to breastfeed because you will miss the meeting.

4. And if the visitors can't wait to leave ...
I know that you adore your family and that you enjoy their company a lot, but I also know that the first days of motherhood are intense to the fullest and that you need space to be alone with your partner and your baby.

So if the baby's presentation meeting has come to an end and the family members don't seem to want to notice, it's time to drop the occasional hint: 'I'm tired', 'it's getting late', 'it hurts. .. '. Better still if your partner says it too, surely they will be taken for granted immediately.

Now you know how and when to introduce your little one to the rest of the family with all the confidence in the world. Remember, without stress and with great enthusiasm!

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