The stopwatch technique to improve reading ability in children

The stopwatch technique to improve reading ability in children

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There are many children who at the beginning of reading show small difficulties, either due to lack of attention or lack of reading ability. This tends to cause them certain blocks and, in some cases, even insecurities when it comes to reading in public in front of their classmates. In most cases it is just a matter of spending a little more time and doing a few short workouts. And for this it is important that families from home and teachers from school, can accompany them in an effective and dynamic way. Do you know the stopwatch technique to improve reading ability in children?

Then from We will propose a series of very easy and fun dynamics to do from home and thus improve your children's reading ability. For this we will only need a stopwatch, a text and a lot of desire. Shall we start? Here you have a small instructions to carry out this original training.

- When do we recommend working with reading texts at home?
Whenever there are signs of difficulty and whenever the predisposition of the little ones to train is good; otherwise it will be important to seek outside help. As therapists we always remember that the main role of parents is to act as parents, not as teachers or as therapists. Therefore, the first step will be to encourage the little ones to do the activity, without pressure and with motivation.

- What do I need for this training?
You only need a stopwatch that you can easily find on your mobile and even on your computer. This element will help us to show and track improvements. As well as a small text, which you can choose together with your children, under the sole premise of trying to make it contain several lines (regardless of the type and size of the text). You can make photocopies of a book or download any text online, especially recommended for age.

- What is the objective of the game?
Increase reading speed and agility, with different search tasks, jumps and reading diagonally within the text. Promoting skills that will later facilitate a second and very important objective in reading: understanding the text.

You can come up with a multitude of dynamics similar to the five variables that we will propose below:

1. Jumps of downlines (example text a)
They should read the first and last word of each line of the text, at maximum speed (with the help of the stopwatch) and until they finish it. We can help them understand this training by painting the first few words. It will be important not to get lost, because in the case of making a mistake, the text will have to be restarted.

2. Jumps of ascending lines (example text b)
This second exercise will be very similar to the previous one, the difference is that we will start reading from the last line and we will go up little by little to the first. Both this exercise and the previous one will help to train the widest eye movement, both from right to left, and vice versa.

3. Jumps of descending words (example text c)
In this third exercise, the reading will be selecting a word yes and a word no, the eye jumps being smaller, but requiring greater concentration for the task.

4. Jumps of ascending words (example text d)
In the same way as in the previous exercise, now we will make the short jumps starting at the end and going up to the first line.

5. Word search
This last exercise that we propose consists of a dynamic very similar to the alphabet soup in which we will tell the little ones what word or words to look for within the text and how long it may take to find them.

Timing all the activities will help us adults to track progress and reading improvement, and at the same time, it will serve as positive reinforcement for the little ones, because they will take it as a game and that will motivate them. They will not have the feeling that they are reading but rather having fun reading!

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