Pooping during childbirth is normal and this is how this mother lived it

Pooping during childbirth is normal and this is how this mother lived it

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We all imagine our birth as a more or less painful experience, but a beautiful one. That moment of seeing your child's face for the first time is incomparable. However, things don't always happen as you expect ... And there can be surprises. That is precisely what happened to Izzy Fox, a mother who has told the story of her childbirth that, at best, is curious, unexpected and explosive. And it is that, literally, she had a delivery… poop. Because if, pooping in childbirth is completely normal. And nothing happens if it happens.

There are things that are almost never talked about, such as, for example, that after giving birth you still have a gut or that it is very common during childbirth the faeces of the effort escape. Some people prefer to stop eating or take an enema before going to the hospital. But the truth is that many women do not even know about it, and of course the professionals who attend them are so discreet that they do not let them know. But, as Izzy has told HuffPost, in her case it was impossible not to be aware of it.

‘I didn’t stop doing my womb during delivery. I knew what was going to happen. I always need to go to the bathroom when I'm nervous and by combining this urge with all that pressure on my gut, I was destined to poop. The only one that I couldn't anticipate is how much poop I was going to do. Anyway, I didn't care. There is little dignity in a birth. All I wanted was for my son to be healthy. '

According to the protagonist of this story, her pregnancy was simple, without complications. And, when it was time to deliver, she had nothing especially planned, even though she was ready to deliver her little one safe and sound.

'When the labor started, I was already 10 days late. Around 1 a.m., I woke up suddenly and felt some small contractions for an hour. Inside my gut I felt a little 'pop' and when I got up my water broke. I notified my partner, Luke, who was about to go to bed. We called the hospital and got on our way. '

Once at the medical center, they monitored the baby to make sure everything was okay. 'The midwife asked me for a urine sample ... and that's when everything related to poop started. I couldn't help pooping on the tray from all the pressure. The matrons laughed and waited until I peed them a bit. '

‘A few hours later, around 3.30 in the morning, the contractions were more intense. (…) By 7 in the morning, they were more and more followed and caused me great pressure. With every contraction, I was pooping a little bit and the midwives cleaned it subtly. Unfortunately, my bottom was pointing at Luke most of the time, so I had the pleasure of seeing something constantly falling every minute. It was dilating little and the doctors were beginning to worry about the baby's heart rate, which was falling. '

As the delivery was not going as expected, finally the medical team decided to use forceps ... And that caused pain and an explosion ... of poop: 'At 12 o'clock in the afternoon the next day, a doctor came to my room because it was not dilating more than 8 centimeters. Did an episiotomy and I started pushing… and pooping. The baby still didn't seem to come out, so it was necessary to use the forceps. When they were introduced it was the first time that I thought I would not be able to bear the pain, but I held on and pushed with all my might. '

'I tore and exploded with poop, contents of my uterus and blood all over the doctor, the walls and the floor. They put my baby on top of me covered in something sticky. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He was covered in my poop, his poop, blood and God knows what else. My first words to him were: "I love you, but you are a bit disgusting."

"Once clean, it was beautiful."

Although this is not the typical story that is usually talked about, it is cute. Despite being a bit extreme, many women can feel identified and relieved to learn that they weren't the only ones who missed something other than their baby's belly. The experts assure that a large number of women relieve themselves during childbirth… What if we all came into the world covered in poop? Was it a metaphor for life itself?

What is clear is that nothing happens to talk about these things. Naturalness above all!

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