The candle technique so that the pregnant woman has a pain-free delivery

The candle technique so that the pregnant woman has a pain-free delivery

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Let that pregnant woman raise her hand who has not been afraid of childbirth at some point during the nine months of gestation? And it is inevitable to think about what that moment will be like when you will finally have your baby with you, right? We understand you! Therefore, if you give birth in the next few months, we are going to recommend you the infallible candle technique so that you have a pain-free delivery!

When we are faced with something new, it always produces a bit of respect and nervousness and, even sometimes, our body can become blocked. If this happens to you during childbirth, it will not help you at all! and is that stress is your enemy number 1. It can also happen that have that fear of a painful delivery because someone close to you has told you a bad experience or because you have already lived it in the first person and you don't want it to happen again.

During the VIII meeting #ConectaConTuHijo, organized by our site, Caroline Correia, a physiotherapist specialized in women's health, told us about the candle technique, a very simple tool that every pregnant woman should learn because it will help you relax at the time of delivery and reduce the discomfort and pain generated by contractions.

'The pains of labor contractions can be controlled through breathing. It is important for the woman to be calm and to trust her because this will release endorphins; the more endorphins, the more oxytocin, the hormone responsible for uterine contraction, 'explains this pelvic floor expert.

'I simply ask the pregnant woman to breathe in through her nose and let the air out slowly through her mouth; Don't be in a hurry to finish that moment, let it last as long as you can. It should be as long an exhalation as possible. And for this to be so, I give a trick: you have to visualize that you have a candle in front of you, but that you cannot extinguish it, with what has to be a smooth movement. By controlling breathing, we control the pain of labor, 'adds Caroline Correia.

I remember, especially with my second daughter, that I didn't want the moment to come to have her out of my tummy. In this case it was not because I had fear of childbirthBut because I knew that we were never going to repeat all these magical moments that only she and I shared during those nine months.

Pregnancy is a special time for any woman, who cannot be clouded by negative thoughts such as fear of childbirth. It's not real! So keep it in a box and start enjoying this state. And since I know that it is very easy to say it, but more complicated to do it, here are a few tips that I put into practice and that I hope will help you!

- Relax from the beginning
You have nine months ahead of you, a time that is going to take an eternity but that everyone around you will quickly pass. Go for a walk, sign up for yoga or do relaxation techniques, all this will make your emotional state good and will have a favorable impact on your little one.

- Ask it all
If you have any small questions, consult your midwife or gynecologist! That will make you less restless and focus on what you touch: feel. I remember that in each review I went with a sheet full of questions and, as my doctor answered them, I crossed them out and at the end I threw the paper into the wastebasket.

- Lean on your partner, family and friends
You have around you many people who love you and who only want the best for you. When you feel lower in morale, unburden yourself with them and even call a friend who has been through the same thing. Surely he will tell you the same as us: that you are connected with the present moment!

- Do exercises
Consult with your gynecologist, but unless it is a high-risk pregnancy that requires rest, all doctors recommend that the pregnant woman move, since being fit will help her have a better pregnancy, avoid gaining more weight than indicated in this stage of your life, control blood pressure and improve mood.

- Control and accept your emotions
The hormones during pregnancy are altered and that can cause you to have sudden mood swings. One day you will be happy and others you will look like a dog about to bite the first one that crosses your path. Do you know how you can remedy it? Trying every day to alternate something in your routine, eating healthy, resting eight hours at night ... Do you sign up? It's in your hands!

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