Children's play of many characters to have fun all together

Children's play of many characters to have fun all together

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The plays are ideal as entertainment and also as a learning method, because, depending on the script, children who take on the role of great actors can discover things that open their minds and their imaginations. On this occasion, we propose you a children's play with many characters. It's titled 'The Pumpkin Mystery' and it's very special because it's designed for nothing less than to do with all the friends in the class and to learn about the importance of teamwork. Are you going to miss it? You can all have fun together!

The script for this play is intended to be done with all the students in an elementary class. With him it is intended encourage teamwork and get kids to have a great time. Pumpkins are proposed but can be substituted for any other seasonal fruit or vegetable. The same goes for the characters; the play is designed to be done with the whole class but it can always be adapted to do with more or less children.

Work description: Autumn is approaching and pumpkins are beginning to be seen everywhere. So the teacher tells his students to bring a couple of them to school to make crafts and participate in a contest. What happens during recess? Well, the pumpkins mysteriously disappear ... Can the students in the class recover them in time? Of course yes!

Characters: Carlota, Alejandro, Carlos, Gael, Mayte, Diego, Maribel, Saula, Adrián, Sandra, Cristina, Violeta, Daniela, Patricia, Lorena, José, Marcos, Belén, Sofía, Tomás, Ismael, María, Tamara and Lucas. Sergio, in the role of teacher.

Place of action in which the play takes place: a class that has a poster with three bats.

Necessary material for the staging: two or three pumpkins, the usual school supplies and a great desire to solve mysteries.

The curtain rises. The children are in the class listening to what Professor Sergio tells them.

Sergio: Guys, as you know, next week we are going to celebrate the pumpkin contest so we have to organize ourselves well. Like last year, it's about decorating two pumpkins in teams. The best ones from the whole school will win a prize.

Carlota: (with a happy face) What fun! We sure win.

Sergio: Sure, but for this we have to do it right. I have thought that we can make two teams, each one will decorate a pumpkin and if one of the two finishes before the other it will help them to finish their pumpkin.

Charles: And how do we divide the teams?

Mayte: We can do it as we are seated at tables.

Sergio: I think it's a good idea. (Points to the tables) You will be the red team and you will be the blue team, is that okay?

Everyone: Yes! Great!

Lorraine: Well tomorrow we bring the pumpkins to class and we start decorating them.

Sofia: Okay, we're going to have a great time!

Bell rings. The children leave the class. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The children are back in class.

Alexander: I really want to start decorating the pumpkins!

Gael: Me too, but if I tell you the truth, I don't think we'll win, the ones from the class next door are very good ...

Sergio: (turns to students) Guys, let's go to the gym. There are two very large pumpkins waiting for you to decorate them.

Daniela: (raises hand to speak) Are there stickers and glitter too?

Sergio: Yes, there is everything for you to let your imagination fly.

(The students leave the classroom and enter the gym, where the pumpkins are)

Diego: They are very big!

Maribel: I think we can start by cleaning them. We are the red team, do you think we split again? Some of us clean the pumpkins and others are preparing things to decorate.

Saula: Sounds good to me, I ask myself to prepare the stickers that I really like.

(The children get to work with the pumpkins. At the same time, the bell rings)

Sergio: It's time to go to recess and then to eat, leave everything as it is and continue on your way back.

Adrien: Luckily, I'm hungry ... (puts his hand to his belly)

The children leave the scene. The curtain closes.

For this scene, the pumpkins have to be exchanged for some sheets written in ballpoint pen. The curtain rises. The kids are in the gym.

Sandra: (with a surprised face) Look! The pumpkins are missing.

Cristina: What happened? I can not believe it!

Violet: Guys, here's a note. (Takes the note and reads aloud) If the pumpkins want to recover a riddle you must solve.

Patricia: Let's tell the teacher.

Joseph: There is no time to lose, what is the riddle?

Violet: (Keep reading the note) There are three of them and they always sleep backwards.

Thomas: How weird!

They go around the gym looking for clues.

Ishmael: (with a happy face) I think I've found the answer. (Points to a poster with three sleeping bats drawn)

Maria: That's right, you're right. (Takes the poster in hand) It says here that you have to go back to class to get the pumpkins back.

They leave the gym. The curtain closes.

For this scene you have to put the pumpkins behind the teacher's table. The children are in the class looking for the pumpkins.

Tamara: I do not see anything...

Luke: Neither do I, I think they have deceived us.

Carlota: Let's keep looking, they must be around here. Move the shelf where the books are!

Alexander: (with a happy face) I've found them! They are behind the teacher's table.

Charles: There is another note. (Picks it up and reads) Sorry, we have hidden your pumpkins to give us more time to make ours and win the contest. Signed: the third class.

Gael: (makes an angry face) You have to tell the teacher!

Daniela: Yes, but later, first we will finish our work. The contest is almost starting!

They all get together very happy to finish decorating the pumpkins.

The curtain closes. End of the play.

Do you know who took the first prizes? The red team and the blue team!

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