How the type of delivery affects the health of the baby

How the type of delivery affects the health of the baby

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Whether you are about to give birth or if you have already had children, this information about your little one that we give you will be very useful. Did you know that the possible health problems that your child may have in the future can be marked by the birth of the little one? That is the type of delivery affects the baby's health. We will tell you!

The natural way to bring a baby into the world is through childbirth, in case a mother is suitable for it. It could be chosen without the intervention of medications or with the help of these to reduce pain. However, not all pregnant women are candidates for childbirth. There are some contraindications and the expert in identifying them is the obstetrician-gynecologist.

In the case of needing or deciding on a cesarean section, the mother will have the option of choosing to be awake during the experience and only have a local anesthetic or to undergo a general anesthesia during which she will be unconscious.

Depending on the type of delivery, this will have consequences, of course, for the mother's recovery, but this circumstance can also influence the first bacteria that come into contact with the newborn's body and, therefore, the health that it will have as it grows.

Advantages and disadvantages of a natural childbirth

It is a natural process that can be an option when the pregnancy has passed without complications and there are no apparent risks for the mother or child. It is the method of choice for most moms, as it allows them to be active and participate in the experience of the baby passing through the birth canal.

It can favor the least intervention, which promotes less manipulation, less risk of infection in the mother, less risk of bleeding, less damage to internal organs and fewer cuts, in addition to promoting the baby to acquire maternal microbiota from the birth canal, which will help to balance the microbiota in the gastrointestinal system.

The baby is less likely to develop fewer breathing problems and the risk of developing pulmonary hypertension is also less. In addition, it allows the accompaniment of the couple, which in some relationships is a very important step, because it helps them to strengthen the ties between them.

On the other hand, it makes it easier to breastfeed the baby immediately after birth, which strengthens the mother-child bond, not to mention that most moms feel empowered after experiencing a natural birth.

One of the main cons of a natural childbirth is pain, which can vary greatly from mother to mother, but if you do not object to a medical intervention, you can have a blockage (partial anesthesia) that will help you with the pain.

Another con can be mental fatigue, since during the labor and delivery process it can become overwhelming to have to control pain and push at the right time to get your baby to be born, and that is where all the thoughts and emotions they are increased by hormonal flow.

Tears of the vaginal tissue can occur if the force of pushing is very rapid, which prevents the tissue from easily distended and a tear from occurring, which will have to be corrected with sutures and is painful to heal.

The good and bad of a cesarean delivery

It is the method to obtain your baby through a major surgery, abdominal route done by an expert, in which they carefully open the abdominal wall until they reach the uterus, which is also opened surgically to extract the little one.

If you know in advance that it is not advisable for you and your baby to opt for a vaginal delivery, you have the advantage of being able to control a little the date you want it to be born.

There are some diseases that do not make it advisable for your baby to be born vaginally, such as being a carrier of HIV or having AIDS and / or active genital herpes. By opting for a cesarean section, you avoid contagion risks for your child.

Because it is a major abdominal surgery, the pain during recovery from wounds to the skin, muscle and uterus can be of great intensity, in addition there are more possibilities of bleeding and damage to internal organs and infections, so hospital stays can be 4 days or more.

It should also be mentioned that the surgery scar will remain for the rest of the mother's life, although it is undoubtedly the best memory she can have for a lifetime. On the other hand, with cesarean section it is a bit more difficult to breastfeed right after birth.

If your baby was born by cesarean section, they will need more vigilance in their breathing in the adaptation period, since they may still have a little amniotic fluid in their lungs and that can translate into difficulty breathing on the first day of birth .

In some countries, methods have been tried to help the newborn acquire the microbiota of the mother's birth canal, which tries to help reduce allergies and gastrointestinal problems in the baby, but there are no conclusive results on whether it works.

In a cesarean section, the hospital or your doctor may not recommend that your partner accompany you to the operating room, which will not allow them to share the moment.

After your baby is born, you will likely have back pain. Some statistics mention that this can be more intense and more frequent in the case of caesarean sections, however, with exercise, massage and some postures it can improve or even be overcome.

The question should not be which method is easier, but which method is ideal for each mother at each delivery. Regardless of the system by which your little one is born, it is very important that you surround yourself with experts in the field, doctors, family members and friends, so that it is a pleasant experience that you will remember for a lifetime and thus soon leave behind the complications that arise .

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