The secret for children to achieve success according to panda breeding

The secret for children to achieve success according to panda breeding

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Parents want our children to be successful in life (although each one has a different definition of what it means to be successful: a good job, a good heart, a good family, happiness ...). Some parents are even a bit obsessed with it. But what is the key to our children becoming happy adults? The panda breeding, as her promoter Esther Wojcicki has called her, it seems have the secret for children to succeed. Below we will tell you more details but as a clue we will tell you that autonomy and confidence are essential.

Raise your hand when you feel identified with a model of father or mother.

  • There are those who pack their children's backpack to go to school and then to soccer.
  • There are those who say over and over again 'pick up your room' without the child ever getting home (this is where I raise my hand).
  • There are those who shout every two by three 'do not climb that side of the slide that you are going to fall'.
  • Those who encourage their children to get the best grades at all costs and thus achieve a great professional career in the future.

And so we could go on almost forever ... Why am I asking you this? Well because according to Esther Wojcicki, a Silicon Valley teacher, parenting greatly influences the adult life of children. By the way, she is committed to raising panda and has three daughters with overwhelming success. We will tell you!

Let me tell you a little about Esther Wojcicki, from now on Woj, as her high school students call her in Palo Alto (California). The fact is that Esther Woj has no less than three daughters; one of them is CEO of YouTube, another works as a professor of pediatrics at the University of California and a third is the founder of a biotechnology company. All of them are successful women who were raised with the panda method that their mother defends.

Once we have aroused your curiosity about this method that seems infallible, it is time to see what its author says about it: 'it is essential to speak to our young children as if they were adults, allow our adolescents to choose projects and passions that allow them to relate and discover the world for themselves, let them direct their lives to reach their full potential. ' That is, no overprotective, demanding, or carefree mothers and fathers.

It is from there that we talk about panda breeding. This is named after the behavior of the mother panda when raising her children. Explain that children have to be educated from love and then allow them to make their own decisions and be guided by their passions. Or put another more clearly, have authority without being authoritarian. Set limits, consequences and bet on dialogue and at the same time let the child pick up his room showing off his responsibility without having to repeat it millions of times per second, and also allow him to choose a career, professional career or business idea that you are most passionate about.

It is done? You will ask yourself. So much mystery with panda breeding and it turns out that it is only about the little one being autonomous and being able to make their own decisions? Well yes, neither more nor less. The mother panda does this with her young, Esther Woj does too, and apparently they both have excellent results.

Wait, we are not done yet, if you also want to bet on this interesting breeding method, you have to take into account these two essential keys:

1. Have confidence in yourself / yourself
This is the first and essential step to carry out the panda method. That is not to say that we cannot take a look at what parents do with their children in education as we are doing right now with Esther and her panda method. But it doesn't mean that you should forget about the instinct that is revealed in you when you become a mother or father and who comes to tell you that yes, that you are doing well and that others do not have to do it better than you.

2. Trust your children and they will do whatever they set out to do
Did you know that Esther Woj gave her daughters complete freedom to choose their careers? That, in the mother's words, made them feel independent and have the right leeway. This is how they (his incredible daughters) saw that they could go where they wanted. And what if they succeeded. His theory explains that to feel happy you have to know that you can control your life and continue, at least in childhood, easy-to-understand rules that parents prepare to guide their children's path. And so that all this is viable and does not fall on deaf ears, nothing like trust between each other.

In short, you trust yourself and them, you respect whatever they have decided they want to study, you give them a good margin of independence, you collaborate with them from the day they are born and lor guide everything from love, kindness and the purest affection to manage emotions well. Simple? Maybe for those who have a more decaffeinated and less busy life, don't you think?

Do not be alarmed or have excessive illusions; that Woj has three prodigy daughters and that he bet on this method of raising, it does not mean that your children will follow exactly the same path, (Remember that famous phrase of the philosopher who says 'I am me and my circumstances'). Our goal is only to make this method known as an efficient alternative and, above all and more important, as a reminder that any educational method that advocates affection, respect and autonomy will be more than valid to avoid attitudes at all costs. authoritarian, overprotective or negligent parents.

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